#BookBlogWriMo Day 26: Cheating on Books: TV & Movies

Day 26: Cheating on Books: TV & Movies

TV and Movies is the topic for today. I will say I think I watch a lot of TV, but as I mentioned yesterday I almost never just watch TV. I have it on while I read and write blog posts and just do whatever I need to do. It's good background noise and I like it better than music for stationary tasks. My absolute favorites are really the only ones that I give my full attention to.

I guess I will start with movies since I don't watch a lot of them. I don't like going to the movie theatre as I am cheap and they are way to expensive in my opinion. It has to be something that I really really want to see or something that I think would be better on the large screen. My husband, on the other hand, loves going to the movies so I do see a few in the theatre every year. He also put a lot on for lazy Sunday afternoons.

As for what movies? Well I like a little bit of everything. Some favorites I can think of off the top of my head? Amelie, The Dark Knight trilogy (I like superheroes in general, Batman being my favorite), Charade, Footloose (the Kevin Bacon one, not the new release which I hated), Evil Dead 2, You're Next (after the first 20 minutes or so. We just recently watched this one which is why it is in my head), His Girl Friday, almost any Hallmark original holiday movie, Taken, Beauty & the Beast, and so on. A mix of everything really except fantasy. I am not a fan of Lord of the Rings or anything like that and am not the biggest space fan, though I have found more space related shows and movies that I have enjoyed.

As for TV shows? I again watch a lot of different things. I love cop shows or crime shows or anything like that. Anything where there is a crime and someone or group of people try and figure it out in whatever way they have, even if they are not cops. Law & Order (though not the biggest Criminal Intent fan), Criminal Minds, Bones, Burn Notice, Sherlock, Bletchly Circle, really anything in that vein. As long as it is not too bad I will put it on while I am working on other things.

I also love children's shows that are not too simplistic. My Little Pony, especially the older cartoon, Pokemon, Lazy Town, Wonder Pets, Invader Zim, really anything that is cute and fun I will like. Also lots of teen dramas. Pretty much anything on the CW for those of you in the states (Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, Supernatural, Beauty & the Beast, etc. Almost anything on that channel I will watch at least for a while. Some of them eventually go on too long and I end up quitting before they are wrapped up). And Gilmore Girls!

I also watch family dramas like Parenthood and Brothers & Sisters. Really I will try watching most anything on TV except I am not a huge anime fan or fantasy or space things again. I did enjoy Star Trek the Next Generation, but not the others. And Battlestar Galactica? I can't do it. My husband puts it on sometimes and I just can't.

So what are my favorite shows? The ones I will devote my entire attention too the first time watching an episode? Well Gilmore Girls is always great. I re-watch those episodes often especially now that it is on Netflix! The Walking Dead cause I just really enjoy that show. Hannibal is amazing. I loved how it was filmed and the visuals and the characters and everything. I can't wait for the next season. Fargo surprised me with how much I loved it. I loved Billy Bob Thornton, whom I am not usually a fan of. He was perfect for his role and it was so great. It's Always Sunny, the funniest show ever! I watch the episodes again and again and still laugh just as much.

That's all I can think of right now. As I said I do have the TV on a lot when I am working, but it is not my only focus. Fun times.


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