#BookBlogWriMo Day 3 - Where You Read

Day 3: Where I read

This will be a short one. Short answer? Everywhere. When I am in the middle of a book I am walking around with it reading. Cooking dinner, just stirring something and have a free hand? Reading. Waiting a minute for the train? Reading. On the train? Reading. In line for something? You guessed it! I am reading. This is all as long as I am by myself. If I am with family or friends I am talking with them, but by myself I always have a book on me and if I can get in a few pages before whatever it is I am doing I will usually (maybe not if I am between books and have a bit of a book hangover).

For the most part though I read on my couch by the windows. I love sitting here reading while it is stormy outside, watching it rain and drinking some tea. Those are some of my favorite days, the cold, rainy days. That is curl up with a book weather for sure. If it is nice and warm outside I will spend most of the day in the backyard or nearby park reading. So that is where I read.


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