#BookBlogWriMo Day 15: Favorite Book Blogging Things

Day 15: Favorite Book Blogging Things

My favorite thing about book blogging? Being able to talk about books all the time. Finding lots of people who love books as much as I do and discussing them. I never knew anyone who loved to read as much as I do. I had a few people who would read occasionally, but none of them were as passionate about it as I was/am. I recently made a new real life friend who also reads a lot and it is amazing being able to meet up with her and discuss all the things we have read recently. I love it. Finding all of these same people online and seeing how big this community of readers is is amazing for me. Love love love it.

I also love being able to read a book before it is released! It is definitely a plus to get an advanced copy of a book that I am eagerly awaiting. I mean that is kind of how I started blogging about books, but not why I continue, though it is a benefit.

I am finding this month that I also like writing. I don't know that I am particularly good at it, but I am good enough for me. I won't ever write a book, but I like writing things out. I like sharing my opinion (I am very opinionated). I like most things about being a book blogger. I just love books so this is another way for me to share and enjoy them.


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