#BookBlogWriMo Day 24: Reading Cave Fantasies

Day 24: Reading Cave Fantasies

Growing up we had a bay window in the living room. I always wanted to turn that into a window seat and just sit and read all day, but alas it was not to be. It was kind of falling apart on the outside so we couldn't put a lot of weight on it and it wasn't fixed until much later in my life, but that has always been as ideal reading space for me.

Whenever I see a castle or a house with a turret I think about how amazing it would be if it was just a giant window seat inside and I could sit there all day. But then I actually think about sitting in a round room all day it I don't think it would really work that well, but the idea is perfect. So that is why the bay window would have bee great. I could have sat up and leaned back against the one side, or lying down, or whatever. Perfect.

Even better would be some kind of window box in a corner of the house. Just windows on all sides, except the bottom. Nice fluffy cushion to sit on and lots of pillows. Perfect. Really anything so I can see outside is great.

Then ideally this would be somewhere overlooking the water, preferably from a few stories up. Lake, ocean, sound, whatever just as long as I can watch the storms come in. I used to live in Seattle and worked downtown in some buildings with amazing views. My desk overlooked the sound and I could stare out the window forever. I loved looking out over the water to the mountains on the other side, or watching the rain come across the water. Loved it. I love storms and sitting with my tea and a blanket and reading while it is pouring outside. Thunder and lightning are even better. Or maybe snow. Really anything. Then sunny days are nice as well, especially in winter with the sun shining in warming everything up. Really I guess I just like watching the weather, any weather, while reading. Which is why my reading spot now is by the window.

So there you have it. My ideal reading space. Bay window or something similar with comfortable seating for hours of reading overlooking the water from a few stories up. Perfect.


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