#BookBlogWriMo Dat 25: How You Deal with Book Hangovers

Day 25: How You Deal with Book Hangovers

My husband always asks what my topic for writing these is and last night I mentioned that today is how to deal with a book hangover. I said this and it was like crickets chirping. "What is a book hangover?" I tried to explain to him, but as he is not a reader I don't think he really got it. It was pretty funny.

Anyways how do I deal with a book hangover? I'm not sure. I am trying to think what I did the last time I had one. I think the last one for me was Beauty & the Mustache and I left on vacation for a week of backpacking in the mountains with no books or electronics the next day. That worked really well. Getting out into nature for a bit. I might do that in the future, take a walk and hang out at the park for a bit. We shall see.

Before that? Well I might watch a TV show without doing anything else for an episode or two (normally I am reading or writing or something while the TV is on. For example I am watching TV right now as I write this. I like the background noise and it is easy to multitask. I very rarely just watch TV). It helps get my mind off of the book and thinking of something else so I will be able to move on.

I might just re-read the book again, or my favorite parts of the book (this has definitely happened before). Or go online and find others who have read and love the book and talk about it. Talk to my friend about it. Tell my husband all about the book when he gets home. Really just try and talk it out of my system a little bit so I can move on. If the book is so good I have a hangover from it I probably won't be able to write about it for a few days which is my normal go to when I need to stop thinking about things.

Or I might choose a book that sounds kind of lame and read that. A book that I don't think I will love as a way to get back to normal. Something cheesy and fun. I don't want to read another book I think I will absolutely love right away as I don't want the hangover to affect my feels for the new book, so the so so book helps cleanse the pallet, though sometimes the so so book ends up being amazing so. I think that is about it.


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