#BookBlogWriMo Day 17: Favorite Book Tropes

Day 17: Favorite Book Tropes

Let's see favorite book tropes. I do really enjoy books about people who are broken in some way (ex. abusive past, parents died in a horrible tragedy, etc.) and they learn to deal with whatever happened and fall in love and such. Not sure why I love it, but when done right I do. I just love reading that overcoming something terrible and becoming an amazing person thing. Probably because I don't really feel like I have ever experienced something like that so I like to see other people triumph over whatever happened. These stories can be really gut wrenching and just devastating to read, but I love it.

I also love depressing stories that don't have happy endings. I don't find them too often, but the really devastating, soul crushing stories I love. Like Hubert Selby Jr. His books are such downers I love it. I am a happy person in general, so I love depressing stories. Sometimes I just like to offset my happy positive life with super dark sadness.

I also love tattooed boys. Tattooed alpha males and just tattoos in general. Tattoos and piercings and brightly colored hair and yeah. Rule by Jay Crownover is my favorite tattooed boy. Love love love him and his look. I don't know what it is, but tattooed boys get me.

That is all I can think of that I generally usually enjoy in a story. Really if you are a great author you can write about things that I normally hate and make me love it. Those of the ones that I really love. The books that I should hate, but somehow the author made me love instead. It is amazing when I find one of those, when I have a story and I am like I can tell you what it is about but it will sound terrible, but somehow it is amazing! I really just love great books.


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