#BookBlogWriMo Day 18: Favorite Subgenres

Day 18: Favorite Subgenres

My favorite subgenre? I have no idea. I am terrible at classifying books. For reals. I don't know why. I just don't like the super specific classifications. I prefer more general categories for the most part or really no categories at all. Apparently we read a new adult book in book club last month and someone asked if this was the first NA for anyone. I really had no idea. I usually don't even know what these new subgenres mean as I just don't think about how a book would be classified when I am reading it (or going to read it). I just read whatever sounds interesting. How about instead of favorites what categories would I have if I were to categorize books? Well let's see.

Nonfiction of course, though I don't tend to read a lot of this just because I don't find a lot that interests me. I do like reading about food and how it is produced and things like that and have a few on my to read list I just haven't gotten to yet.

Then fiction is divided up a little bit.
Children's books which I don't really read anymore.

Young Adults which I read a fair bit of and tend to enjoy. Though really most of the high school kids are not actually like high school kids. It is like Gossip Girl, which I love, but they are so not like high school kids, at least not when I was in school.

Romances which I mean like Harlequin romances. The Fabio covered romances that are not really my thing. They are either super romantic or not much story or something. I remember seeing a table at the library book sale when I was younger that had as many books as you can fit into a paper grocery bag for $1 which was amazing! I could read all the books! I promptly loaded the bag up with books only to start reading them and finding they were Harlequin romances, something I had previously not encountered and didn't really enjoy. Not that there is anything wrong with them if that is your thing, I can see the appeal, they are just not my thing. These books are what I think of when I think of romances, even though almost everything I do read is a romance of some sort. Most books have a romance storyline in them.

Mysteries which I don't read a lot of either. Not sure why but I don't seem to. Maybe I just don't see them when I am looking at books online.

Westerns - not sure if I have actually ever read a western. Doesn't really seem like they would be stories I would enjoy. My grandfather always had westerns on TV when we visited and I never really liked them that much.

Science Fiction/Fantasy - I don't read a lot of this genre either and when I think of it I think of books about outer space or Lord of the Rings or things like that that I don't like. I have branched out a bit in this genre and found some I really enjoy thanks to book club and some authors who write other books I have enjoyed or even movies based on books (like Ender's Game). I still am not a huge space fan, but I am slowly finding stories set in space that I enjoy. I am not a Lord of the Rings fan or things like that, but this is a wide genre that I need to explore more.

Horror/suspense/thriller/whatever - I kind of lump all of these together. I love scary/intense books, but it is hard to find good ones. I feel I am often disappointed in them so I don't read them as often as I would like. Unless it is a romantic suspense which I guess would be a subgenre - yey me! I do tend to enjoy romantic suspenses, but then you have more to be invested in than just the suspenseful aspects which can be not that suspenseful.

General fiction. Everything else. I can't think of any others off the top of my head. This is obviously what I read the most of since it encompasses a lot. I am sure they can be categorized more, but I don't tend to.

The ones I have listed above are the main categories I think of when thinking of books. I like broader categories than more specific ones. That and I just usually don't know how to classify a book I have read besides the above mentioned categories. So there you have it. My categories for books.


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