Someplace Secret: A Holiday Romance by G.G. Andrew

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What happens when you can't get over the past?

It's been two years. Zoe has moved on. She's got a great teaching job in Boston, friends, and the sweetest boyfriend.

She shouldn't still be thinking about the man who turned her life upside down two winters ago...

Trouble is, he's staring at her from across the bookstore.


If you have read Somewhere Warm then you got to see the beginning of Zoe and Evan. When I saw the author was writing another novella with these two I was super excited to start reading. I mean what happened nex? Someplace Secret is the continuation of their story. And I loved it! Maybe even more than the first one. Oh Evan and Zoe were so hot together!

Zoe left Evan two years ago. Things were hot and great between them, but then she left. She had to get back to her life. She tries not to think about what happened between them as she has moved on. She has a boyfriend who is sweet and kind and everything she should want, but sometimes she still thinks of Evan. Especially in the wintertime. With the snow. How could she not? When Evan comes back into her life unexpectedly things get a little...iffy. What would happen if she gave into the pull they have to each other? What about her perfectly nice boyfriend who is probably too good for her? And what happens when other old friends stop by and everything gets a bit muddy?

I really liked Zoe in this story and I really enjoyed seeing these characters as they have gotten a little older and a little wiser. If you have read Somewhere Warm then definitely pick up a copy of this story. If not what are you waiting for? Though you may be able to get by without reading it first, it is a fun, quick read so why not get the backstory of these two before you venture on?

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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