Kissing Tolstoy (Dear Professor #1) by Penny Reid

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What do you do when you discover that your super-hot blind date from months ago is now your super-hot Russian Lit professor?

You overthink everything and pray for a swift end to your misery, of course!

‘Kissing Tolstoy’ is the first book in the Dear Professor series, is 46k words, and can be read as a standalone. A shorter version of this story (28k words) was entitled ‘Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants’ and was available via Penny Reid’s newsletter over the course of 2017.


Gah! Kissing Tolstoy is a new favorite read from the delightful Penny Reid. This story was originally released monthly in her newsletter, but I haven't been reading it as it came out. I am not very good at waiting to see what happens I tend to forget things so I thought I would just wait until the it was released in book format and read it all at once. And gah! I loved this story so so so much! I was like why was I being stupid and waiting to read this until now? Cause I could have been swooning over Professor Kroft for like a year instead of days! Oh, he was amazing.

Now it is no secret that my favorite book of Penny's is Beauty and the Mustache. Because Drew...Drew is so dreamy! I love him so so so much! But now Drew has some competition from Professor McSwoony. Seriously. They are kind of similar and that is probablty why I love them both. They are both poetic, which seriously I don't like usually, but when Penny writes it I am just like yes! I want more! Give me all the flowery words! But Luca, aka Professor McSwoony, also has that dark, depressing flowery poetry words. He is a professor of Russian literature and oh, I want to discuss all the things with him all the time! I see why all his students would get googly eyes for him - he is amazing!

And Anna? She is so sweet and cute and kind of a dork in the best of ways. She also loves Russian literature and has read all the books for his class at least once and she was great. I loved how this story played out. They are professor-student so nothing can happen...or can it? Ah! It was so much fun! Luca is not very good at expressing what he feels because he is trying so hard not to feel until he can, and Anna is falling for him through his lectures because he is an amazing professor, but he seems to not care about her at all. The two of them were wonderful and this was a great read. I loved every minute of it. A new favorite for sure.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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