Ginger Krinkles by Dee DeTarsio

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Ginger Krinkles is crossing her fingers that this holiday season will be extra special, for once. She lost her job in San Diego and dreads moving back home to Ennui, Ohio, where she’s convinced she will end up like her mean ol’ grandmother (God rest her soul). Ginger has always been a holiday-hater. But she has a secret. Make that two. If you buy the first one, maybe it will be easier to unwrap the second: either Ginger is an elf, or there really is magic to be found in an old cookie recipe.


Wow, what did I just read? was like reading someone who is on something or manic or something. It made no sense at times. It was odd. There were moments I enjoyed the story, enjoyed Ginger's snark, but the nonsense was discombobulating.

So Ginger doesn't like Christmas. She was born just after Christmas, has a Christmasy name, and she doesn't get why everyone is so festive this time of year. She has a big mouth and says super mean things about people she likes and cares for and they sometimes overhear her. And at the moment she is in a bit of a bind - she lost her job, she doesn't have a boyfriend, she is probably going to have to move home. She has a few thousand dollars in the bank, but that won't last long. Side note - Ginger makes it seem like her family is terrible and didn't care about her growing up and stuff, but then you find they are great and a normal family and all of her complaining about the holidays and how terrible they are didn't make sense...

Now this story was all over the place for me. As I said sometimes I really enjoyed how snarky Ginger was, but overall I had a hard time following the conversations and story as it went along. Like she had a date with a guy and the whole date was a mess. I was constantly like wait am I missing something? I kept re-reading the same paragraphs hoping that somehow I would be able to decode the secret manic language of this story. But I couldn't. I love Christmas stories, love Christmas magic, but this one made no sense!! Seriously. I don't know why there are so many amazing reviews for this one. I don't get it.



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