Thicker Than Blood (Thicker Than Blood #1) by Madeline Sheehan & Claire C. Riley

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A true friendship never dies.

Leisel and Evelyn lost everything. Husbands. Families. Friends. Lives that made sense. All they had left was each other, and a friendship that could withstand anything…

Even an apocalypse.

Until one fateful night, the marginal safety they’d come to rely on comes to a vicious and brutal end. With the help of Alex & Jami, both unlikely allies, Leisel and Evelyn are able to escape their shattered sanctuary only to find themselves face-to-face with a much altered, much crueler life where they have to find the way—and the will—to stay alive in a world they no longer recognize.

Traveling across a broken and infection-ridden country; the road-weary group are pitted against endless violence, improbable circumstances, and the ultimate loss.
Everything comes at a price—especially safety, the cost of which could very well strip them of the one thing they’ve tried so hard to cling to: their humanity.

Yet along with all the trials they’re forced to endure, there’s also hope in the form of love. Having loved Leisel from afar, Alex attempts to put the pieces of her fractured heart back together.

But in such a savage world, is there room for love?

In a place of nightmares-made-reality, where the living should be feared far more than the dead, an unbreakable friendship and a love amongst all odds can mean the difference between life and death.

There are friends…

And then there are Leisel and Evelyn.


I loved Thicker Than Blood. It was nothing like I expected in a really great way. You never knew what was going to happen next which was great! The story always kept you on your toes and it was hard to figure out where the story would end up. Plus no one is safe. It felt a bit more real. Like anyone could die at any moment because the world is a nightmare place to live in now. It is a bit like "The Walking Dead" in that it is about people trying to survive in the new world and they keep running into terrible situations.

This book was amazing. The ending? So incredibly beautiful. I might have teared up a bit. But the whole story was great. I found it especially interesting reading how everyone changed throughout the story. How their mental states got better or worse with everything that happens. Eve started off so strong, so sure of herself and her purpose. She is supposed to protect poor, sweet, weak Leisel, but once she is not needed as much what does she do? What does she have to hold onto in this terrible world?

And Liesel? I admit she got on my nerves at the beginning. She was so...I don't think weak is the right word. More like she is afraid of everything and I kept yelling at her in my head to get a move on and do something! She is the one who really kept her humanity when the world went down the drain and she tries to stay kind of sweet and innocent. Though it is not really possible. She ended up being my favorite character. I loved her and her story arch. She was amazing and if this were to ever happen I would want to be like her.

This story will definitely take you through the wringer. Man it was intense and I loved every minute of it. I don't want to say much more as I don't want to ruin anything. And if I talk more about what happens it would ruin it a bit. Better to go in and find out for yourself. I am really curious about the next book now to see what happened with some of the other characters we met in this one. I hope it is just as intense as this was! Oh, it was wonderful!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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