The Love Letter by Brenna Aubrey

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Young doctor Mark Hinton is on the brink of a new beginning in his life, yet he’s still haunted by the past. Thanks to a caring older sister, a canny librarian, a cantankerous patient and Jane Austen, he finds the strength to search his own heart and discover the truth of a love that has never died. Influenced by Jane Austen’s PERSUASION, this short story is about finding love again after heartbreak.

This story was the Grand Prize Winner of the Jane Austen Made Me Do It Short Story Contest and was included in the critically-acclaimed anthology of the same name.


The Love Letter is a short story, 20 pages long, and not that good. I didn't understand the characters and it was a suddenly everything works out and I don't know why. I know it has the Austen in it, but...I read it and thought that is it? That is all we get? It is that easy to fix everything and live happily ever after? Not my favorite short story as it felt like it needed more, needed to be longer to really tell the story.



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