A Broken Us (London Lovers #2) by Amy Daws

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The moment those words come out of the doctor’s mouth, I feel sick.
So sick.
The life I have dreamed of…obliterated.
And Brody. 
God, Brody.
How will he look at me?
How can he accept me?
He'll know what I hid from him.
He'll know everything.
It’s over. It’s completely over. I can't tell him "I love Us" anymore.
Even though I do.
Even though it will kill me.
I can't tell him anything. Everything is ruined. Pummeled. Broken.
I have to leave him. I have to give up us.
I know he'll come after me.

I just have to do something to make him not want to. 


After reading and loving Becoming Us, the first book in this series and seeing how it ended I was pretty sure I wouldn't like A Broken Us as much. I was sure I would start hating Fin though I was hopeful the author would write it in a way that that didn't happen. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened. After falling in love with Brody in book one I really don't understand how Fin could do everything she does in this book. I just didn't get her and she made me angry. She was just all poor me the entire book when she is the one who caused all the problems. She is the one that wouldn't let Brody in. She is the one who is so upset with herself. She is the one that could have saved herself her heartache, but she didn't and she wouldn't listen/talk to anyone about her problems so she stayed poor, poor Fin for the whole thing. It was annoying. 

So at the end of the first book we have the doctor giving Fin some bad news. We don't find out what it is, but she decides that she has to end it with Brody. Even though they have been together for  a long time, are planning a life together, she is just going to break his heart into a billion pieces and not even tell him why. Oh, I hated that. I can't stand when people make decisions for other people. Like they can't decide what they want for their own lives. Like you know better. Oh, not good. 

So Fin breaks Brody's heart and runs off to stay with her friend in London. She is all heartbroken and sad, but she makes some incredibly stupid decisions in this book. She was just soooo annoying! I didn't understand her at all. Really the issue is that it is not a problem with Brody it is a problem with herself. She is unhappy with herself so she tries to tell herself that it is all because of Brody that she is doing this. Ugh. 

So she runs off to London and almost instantly meets a new hot guy and starts making out with him. But not completely into it since she is still so in love with Brody. Yeah. So in love that she just makes out with a near stranger cause that makes sense. She was just too all over the map for me in this read. She was horrible. And she just kept hurting Brody over and over again. 

Oh then we have the completely contrived meeting of a family with an adopted daughter and realizing that omg! People can love each other as parents/children even if they are not biologically related?!? It was this great shocking thing to her which made me want to bang my head against the wall. Fin wasn't so stupid in the last book. She didn't seem to have so many insecurities. They were hinted at a time or two, but Brody helped her with that. Maybe that is the real issue - I didn't understand how the character I spent a book reading and getting to know suddenly turned into the person in this book. It just didn't make sense. If she had a bad past or something had happened to her then maybe I could have been more sympathetic to a desperate spiraling out of control situation, but with Fin I just didn't get it. It was too much. 

So yeah this book was definitely not as good as the first one for me. You do get a happy ending, but getting there was very frustrating to read. I wish we would have gotten a few chapters from Brody's point of view just to see what he was thinking/feeling at certain times. That might have helped. But overall I wish I would have skipped it. It just made me not like the characters as much as I had after the first book. 

*Note: After reading this book/writing this review I was informed by the author that this was actually the first book released in the series. She went back and wrote the prequel, Becoming Us, after this one. Which is interesting. I wonder how I would have enjoyed this story had I read it first. If I hadn't fallen in love with the characters already and didn't have that happy couple in my head. I'm still going to leave my review as is since I read it thinking this was the second book, but just wanted to include this note.

Rating: ★ ★


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