Untamed (Untamed #1) by Victoria Green & Jinsey Reese

Untamed (Untamed #1)


Rich, beautiful, and wild, Reagan McKinley has everything she needs...but nothing that she wants. That is, until she spends one hot night in the arms of sexy, unbridled Dare Wilde.

She's a girl trapped in a rigid world she desperately wants to escape, and he's an untamed artist with an attitude, hell-bent on freeing her—body, mind, and soul. But Reagan's life is not her own, and Dare is not welcome in it. She can't include him in her carefully-controlled, extremely public lifestyle...and yet she cannot give him up.

Will a shared passion for art—and, increasingly, each other—be enough to keep them together? Or will it be the thing that ultimately tears them apart?


Untamed was an annoying story for me. It was a poor little rich girl story. I guess I am supposed to feel bad for Reagan and all, but I didn't really understand why she just didn't leave her family. She was old enough to get out on her own so...why does she put up with it all if she hates it so much? It just doesn't make any sense.

So Reagan is this super unhappy rich girl who has to pretend to be perfect for her family. So when she is not with them she uses lots of drugs and pills and faceless boys to try and fill the void. She want to take art classes and do stuff with that, but she has to take what her family wants. I know she has something bad that happened in the past (*spoiler even though I don't know if it is true* I think it is that she was raped as that is just what I assumed from the first time she hints at it) and her family swept it under the rug and acts like nothing happened. Sure that can mess you up, but the way it was written just made me not really sympathetic towards her.

Then of course she meets Dare and he is just exactly what she needs to feel safe and happy. Dare tries to push her away, but she won't budge. So then they sleep together and then quickly are pretty much living together. He is just this perfect bandaid for her life and it just didn't work for me. It wasn't written so it was believable. Reagan has a part time job and so I don't know why she couldn't figure out a way to get away from her family and live her life like she wants to. She was too old to be so...If she would have been younger, in her teens, I would have understood more why she stayed. And the ending? It was just like really Reagan? Really? It was just some useless drama and then she is upset when she can't make things better like they used to be. It does end in a bit of a cliffhanger, but I don't really care enough to read another book.


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