Snow Days (Hope Falls #6) by Melanie Shawn

Snow Days (A Hope Falls Novel Book 6)


She wanted to feel pleasure…
After twenty-nine years, high school English teacher Amy Maguire realizes something is missing in her life…passion. Always one to tackle a problem head on, Amy makes a plan to remedy her situation. Phase One: find a suitable candidate. Phase Two: experience passion. Simple. Right? Except after countless dates she hasn’t once felt that spark, that chemistry. That is until the sexy new History teacher walks into her classroom…

He wanted to forget pain…
Matt Kellan knows he’ll never love again. After tragically losing his wife five years ago, Matt has been in a holding pattern. Every woman he meets wants to fill a void that he knows will never be filled. Until he meets Amy. Her quest to find fulfillment has nothing to do with letting her into his heart…just his bed.

Passion brought them together. Love may drive them apart.


Okay so I really didn't think I would love any of Melanie Shawn's couples more than Jake and Tessa but goodness gracious did I love Amy and Matt. They are just the best!! Definitely go on my list of top book couples. So sweet and cute and just loved them. Snow Days was just so so good. My favorite from this series for sure.

Amy is this super sweet, detail oriented, a bit socially awkward girl who is just amazing. She wants to find a satisfying sexual partner so she has done research, interviewing people, keeping detailed data in her notebooks on everything she finds out and her dates she goes on and it was just so cute! I loved her so much. She is just super nice, a bit odd as well, but everyone loves her. I mean how could you not? She is just adorable.

Matt is this super nice guy who lost his wife a few years ago. He doesn't think he will ever move on from her. I mean he will never love anyone as much as he loved his wife so why bother? That wouldn't really be fair to the other person either so he is fine being by himself forever. Until he meets Amy who really throws him for a loop. They become friends but both want more, but both hold back (especially Matt). Matt is just so perfect with Amy. He gets her. He is just perfect for her! Oh I loved watching the two of them figure this out and come together! It was so sweet and so cute and just perfect.

Now one note on this story - I am really glad that I read Nikki's (Amy's sisters') book before I read this one. I really did not like Nikki in this story. She was so selfish and horrible it would have made me enjoy her book less, or take longer for me to warm up to her. I just really thought she was terrible and felt bad for Amy having to deal with her all the time. 

Overall this was a great read. I loved Amy and Matt. Really I was sad when it ended as I just wanted to spend a little more time with these characters. I wasn't ready to say goodbye just yet. Really a great read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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