Let it Snow (Hope Falls #8) by Melanie Shawn

Let It Snow (A Hope Falls Novel Book 8)


Thirteen years ago…his world fell apart after his soul mate left him in the middle of an unforeseen tragedy that would bind them together forever. Ever since, sexy Fireman Jake Maguire busied himself by putting out fires in buildings and starting them in women, all in an attempt to extinguish the fire she set off in him all those years ago. 

Thirteen years ago…she made the hardest decision of her life. For every tear, every heartache, Tessa Hayes reminded herself that she made that sacrifice out of love. Sweet, caring Tessa always put the interests of others before her own, no matter what the cost. 

She sacrificed her heart for his life. He lived without living. Now they had the chance to mend their broken hearts together...but would Tessa and Jake have the courage to do it?


Oh how I loved Let it Snow! With a different author I might have hated it, but I loved it. Jake and Tessa...man. I heart them so much! It was a bumpy ride, but oh so good.

Thirteen years ago Jake and Tessa were in love. They had their lives planned out for them. Get married, have kids, just be happy. Everything was perfect until Tessa leaves suddenly devastating Jake. He still hasn't gotten over it and he still doesn't know why she left. He still loves her even if he won't admit it. He has tried to use other women to fill in for her, to try and move on, but it just doesn't work. Lately he just hasn't been into the one night stands like he used to be. Lately he just wants more.

Tessa left because she wanted what was best for Jake. She thought that leaving would be best for him, even though she didn't even let him know why she was going. She made decisions for him, and when she gets back she continues to make decisions for him which is something I normally hate. I mean it is his life he should get some say in it. For some reason I didn't hate Tessa though, I liked her a lot. When you find out what happened there is a moment of really? That is why you left? Shaking my head at Tessa, but I don't know. The author made me really like her so I was okay with it even if I didn't agree with it at the same time.

When Tessa first gets back into town she pretty immediately runs into Jake. They both try to stay away from the other, but that doesn't really work. Tessa still thinks not being with Jake would be best for him, even though she still loves him, while Jake doesn't think he could survive Tessa leaving him again. It almost ruined Jake last time so he doesn't think he can go through that again. The only problem? Neither of them can really stay away. Neither of them can fight the attraction they have for each other. It was so much fun watching them try and reconcile and work everything out. So much fun watching them come together again. Just so much fun. I loved them both, even if Tessa was stupid at times, but oh this was a great read. Absolutely loved it. My favorite from this author so far.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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