Stay with Me (Montgomery Brothers #3) by Samantha Chase

Stay with Me (Montgomery Brothers)


Was a little peace and quiet too much to hope for?

Mac Montgomery spent two years watching his father play matchmaker for his brothers and their wives and as the last Montgomery standing, he knew it wouldn't be long until all eyes would be on him. While he couldn't deny that things had worked out well for his siblings, the last thing that Mac wanted was to get married and settle down.

He hadn't counted on his father not wanting to set him up with anyone.

And he hadn't counted on Gina Micelli.

After more than a dozen years away from her beloved family friends, Gina Micelli comes home to take care of her ailing father. Some of her most cherished memories are of the times she spent with the Montgomerys - and her crush on Mac. She was a child when she moved away, but now as a grown woman, the thought of seeing Mac again actually has her wondering at the possibilities.

Ever the responsible one, Mac makes sure that Gina is taken care of during such an emotional time. He wants to see her as a friend, as the girl that he remembers from his youth. Unfortunately, the beautiful woman she has grown into has all thoughts of a platonic relationship flying out the window. Torn between honor and passion and peace or chaos, all Mac knows is that his life is never going to be the same.

The timing is all wrong but for two people fighting for control over their own lives, their response to one another is anything but.


After reading the first two Montgomery brothers books I was really hoping Stay With Me was not going to be the last brother falling in love with someone else from the office. I was ready for something a bit different and thankfully that is what I got. Mac and Gina were definitely a great read. Loved them together and everything that happened.

Mac is another workaholic Montgomery brother. After both his brothers get set up by his dad he is a bit weary of his father setting him up as well. He doesn't want to settle down, but then he sees Gina. Gina whom he knew when he was younger, but now she is all grown up.

Gina has always had a crush on Mac. She moved away when she was young and hasn't really been back since. Her parents got divorced and her mom took her as far away from her dad as she could. Her mom is a real nightmare, always telling Gina what she should do and getting Gina to do whatever she wants her to. Gina hasn't been living really, she is not happy, but it is what her mom wants. She doesn't really have a relationship with her father, but when she finds out he is dying she comes to spend some time with him before it is too late.

Mac knows that this is a bad time for Gina, that she will have a hard time with her father being sick and all. He is there for her and supports her and slowly falls for her. He knows it is not the right timing, and he thinks things wouldn't work out for them because they are too different, but he just can't help himself. He is kind of a control freak, likes things neat and orderly, and Gina is this free spirit who just goes with the flow. He also feels like he needs to let her go and experience life. She has never really made decisions for herself, her mom always did, so he doesn't want to be yet another person who holds her back and makes her do what he wants instead of what she wants. He really does have his heart in the right place at times, but it is a tricky situation. I loved Mac and how sweet he was with Gina. And Gina is just an amazing woman once she lets herself be herself. Once she learns to stand up for herself she would be unstoppable.

This was another great read, though I am sad there are no more Montgomery brothers to read about. It was a great series overall.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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