Sweet Contradiction by Peggy Martinez

Sweet Contradiction


When Beth Michaels high tailed it out of the hole-in-the-road town she grew up in, she only had two goals. One-get as far away as quickly as possible, and two-never set foot in her parent's home again. But when she receives a heart breaking call from her childhood best friend, Jen, she has no choice but to turn her '56 Ford pickup back in the direction of Salem, Missouri to attend a funeral. There's a new local in town when Beth arrives, and suddenly, it ain't all that easy for her to remember her rules for dating. #1. Cookie-cutter-perfect guys ain't her type. #2. Tie wearin' and church frequentin' is an automatic dismissal. #3. Most importantly, never date anyone from small minded, conservative, Bible-thumping towns like Salem. Unfortunately, Matthew Wright breaks all her rules and then some. Matt might be from a small town and have small town values, but that doesn't mean he fits into a little slot of Beth's preconceived notions. After all, ever so often good guys are good. Now if he could just convince Beth to let go of her past and give him a chance, he's pretty sure there's a whole lotta sweet under that prickly exterior. His own ... Sweet Contradiction. ***FAIR WARNING: If you are easily offended by books that happen to mention things concerning God, Religion, Etc., in a favorable or unfavorable light, then this book might not be for you.***


Sweet Contradiction was an alright read, but it wasn't a great read. There was not a lot of development and really getting to know the characters and such. It just kept everything at a surface level instead of really getting into the story which could have been great. Also there is not a lot of religion in this book. Yes, it is there, but it is not really a focus. Not much preaching or anything except to show how things are/were.

Beth did not have a good childhood. She was raised by abusive parents who used religion and God to justify their abuse. As soon as she could she left and never looked back. She never would have come back to town if not for her best friend Jen and some tough times Jen is going through.

As soon as Matt sees Beth in town he is drawn to her and her him. There is like insta love happening, but I didn't really feel it. Beth tries to stay away, but it doesn't work. After all Matt is from a small town and is kind of a straight laced kind of guy. Also when they first meet Beth is kind of stupid. Someone refers to Matt as Rev so I instantly thought oh he is a preacher or something like that. What does Beth think? Oh that is a strange nickname for someone named Matthew. Um...okay... So for a lot of the book Beth is not clued into the fact that Matt is religious/comes from a religious family. It was...I don't know. I know Beth has her issues from her own family, but they were never really delved into and it was too easy for her to push them aside and see how great religion could be with the right attitude. It was just surface stuff. I wish it would have been more, harder, not as easy to overcome as from the brief bits you saw her childhood was horrible.

So Matt and Beth fall in love and everything is sunshine and roses. There are some things with Jen that happen and some of her stuff I was just confused by. I suppose there will probably be another book about Jen and what was going on, but I don't really care to check it out and see. This story was alright, but it never really drew me into it. The writing was just not that good for me. It felt kind of disjointed at times, or the conversations were a bit off, they didn't always make sense and stuff like that. It is not something I would read again. Just a light, fluff, not great summer read.

Rating: ★ ★

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