Snow Angel by Melanie Shawn

Snow Angel (A Hope Falls Novel Book 5)


He is looking towards the future...

Newly appointed Chief of Police Eric Maguire is sexy, single, and not ready to mingle. Tired of casual hook-ups and meaningless affairs, Eric is ready for something real. When a mysterious dark-haired beauty moves in next door, Eric knows he’s found exactly what he’s been missing.

She is running from her past...

Lily Sotelo just got the break of a lifetime choreographing for pop star Karina Black’s winter tour. As important as it is that she does an amazing job, it’s equally as important that she remains anonymous. Which shouldn’t be a problem. She’s spent the last ten years on the move, never letting anyone get too close. Until now. Her new neighbor is as persistent as he is sexy and is making Lily want things she knows she can’t have.


Snow Angel is a great example of why I usually give books a chance even if I don't love them right away. I read the first ten pages or so and just thought nope. Not the book for me. I did not like the way it was written so I was just going to put it aside never to be finished before I got to the point of no return (not sure when that is, but once I invest so much time into a book, a couple chapters, then I have to finish it). Well we were traveling a bit so I used it as a good book to read for that. One that I wouldn't get sucked into the story and end up staying up way too late because I needed to finish it. I thought it would probably be alright, but I wouldn't love it. Well I was quickly proved wrong. After the not so good start I really got into the story and by the end I was loving it and didn't want it to end. I'm so glad I stuck with this book and didn't just toss it aside right away.

Lily is so sweet. She has never really had a permanent home. She has been constantly moving around and watching her back. She doesn't feel safe staying in one spot because of something that happened when she was younger. She is frightened and doesn't really have any friends or family or any real connections to other people. It is kind of heartbreaking as she seems like such a sweetheart, but until now she has just never let anyone get too close.

Eric was a player, but lately he has not been happy with his old ways. He wants something real, someone he can spend his time with and really be with. When he first meets Lily he knows that she is something special. She seems to like him as well, but he knows he has to proceed carefully. She is skittish and gets scared away easily. He slowly starts falling for her and is so sweet and perfect with her it is just amazing. He never pushes her to open up about her past or anything. He just lets her open up to him on her time, when she is ready to let him in. They were really amazing together. You can see Lily trying to figure out how to do this, how to have a real relationship, and how she might be able to settle down and stop running. She is amazing with everyone and the whole town just loves her. She has to get used to that small town everyone knows everything about everyone else thing, but she starts to make a life for herself. And Eric is a large part of that.

Things progress and there are some bumps in the road and towards the end it gets a bit hairy, but oh it was great. I loved Eric and Lily and them together and watching their relationship grow and get through all the tough times. It was not love at first sight and you could really see them falling for each other. I really loved this book. I will have to check out more from this author as this story was just so good.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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