My First - Jason & Katie (Crossroads #1) by Melanie Shawn

My First - Jason & Katie (Crossroads, Book 1)


Jason Sloan is known as Harper’s Crossing’s resident Romeo, and he’s never had to work too hard to live up to that nickname. With his easygoing charm, whiskey-colored brown eyes, and sinfully sexy half smile, women just seem to fall all over themselves when he’s around.

Well...most women, anyway. Katie Lawson’s the one woman who isn't putty in his hands, and she's the only one he’s ever wanted in his arms.

Katie Lawson left Harper's Crossing in the middle of the night ten years ago, immediately after her high school boyfriend Nick's funeral. She left behind all memories of Nick, and she left behind her life-long best friend, Jason Sloan.

Now she's on the fast track to junior partner at one of San Francisco's top law firms. She's made a life for herself that's all about maintaining order and sticking to the rules. Rule #1 is keeping herself WAY too busy to think about all that she ran away from. If she can do that, after all, she can keep everything under control.

But that rule is about to be broken. She’s headed back home to be the maid of honor in Nick’s little sister’s wedding. It's time to face the truth she's been avoiding all these years, the same one that sent her running ten years ago - that maybe she didn't lose her first love the summer after high school. Maybe her first love has been waiting for her all this time, at home in Harper's Crossing.


I have been reading through Melanie Shawn's books recently and have been enjoying them. I decided to give My First a try and at first it was just okay. Really I did not find this story as good as her other books, as good as the Hope Falls books, but there were parts that I did like.

Katie hasn't been home for ten years. Ever since her high school boyfriend died she has been making a life for herself elsewhere. When she has to come back to her hometown for a friends wedding she is dreading seeing Jason. Jason her friend who she just left without saying goodbye to. Jason who was her ex's best friend as well. Jason who something happened the night she ran away that made her run.

Jason has always loved Katie. He might not have known it at first, but from the moment he lays eyes on her he is done. That is the part of the story I loved. It was so cute! He meets Katie his first day of kindergarten! Adorable. As the story goes along you get to see all the great things he does for Katie growing up that she didn't even realize.

Katie is irrationally angry with Jason for a lot of the book. She feels guilty for liking him, even though it has been ten years! Ten years since her ex died, ten years since she has seen him, ten years when everyone else has moved on but she has not yet. She still hasn't fully dealt with his death and everything that happened. She is a bit...I didn't really like her. I liked Jason a lot as he is such a great guy, but Katie was just...I don't know why Jason would stick around and try so hard to be with her. They do have this energy between them. They can't quite stay away, and Jason is so sweet. He tries to take it slow, to not push Katie as he doesn't want her to run again. It was an alright story with some really cute parts. The writing just wasn't as good as I was expecting for this author. Really if I hadn't read her other books I probably wouldn't search out more of her works based on this one.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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