Three Days to Die (Aaron Quinn #1) by John Avery

THREE DAYS to DIE (Aaron Quinn thriller series, No. 1)


HE DIDN'T MEAN TO OVERHEAR ... but he did. 

HE ONLY HEARD A FEW WORDS ... but he heard too much. 

HE RAN ... but he was followed - a mistake that would turn thirteen-year-old Aaron Quinn's, and his beautiful, courageous, single mother, Ashley's, worlds upside down. 

THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING ... when Aaron is stolen from his mother by a psychotic killer and thrust headlong into a dark underworld. Will Aaron lose his mind as he's forced to participate in a deadly crime spree and witness first-hand the horror of cold-blooded murder? 

THE WALLS CLOSE IN ... on Ashley when she listens to a tape recording left on her pillow by the killer, giving her two choices: 

1) Call the police and risk being responsible for her only child's death ... 

2) Offer herself as a sacrifice in exchange for his life ... 


From the opening sequence to the smashing ending, THREE DAYS to DIE moves at lightning speed, introducing the world to an exciting new hero, a beautiful and plucky heroine, and a truly frightening villain. 

A crime thriller ... an action movie ... a love story: THREE DAYS to DIE takes you on a perilous journey unlike any other suspense/thriller you've read before.


Three Days to Die was an odd read. I feel like it gave itself too short of a timeframe for everything to happen so nothing felt believable. It was just...if everything would have happened in a longer time frame you could have actually developed the story so the characters and what happened would make sense and it would seem realistic instead of this strange kind of fantasy characters you get. It is an interesting idea, but the execution just wasn't believable and like it was all just made up (yes, I know it is not a true story, but it should at least seem believable within the parameters of the book).

So Aaron is this thirteen year old kid with a mean step-father who runs away one night to his secret hang out. While there he calls his bff who he has been mean to for no reason and asks him to come meet up. Before the friend gets there Aaron overhears some bad guys talking about robbing banks and such and then they find him and chase him and he runs away scared.

So Aaron is trying to figure out what to do and apparently calling the police is not an option. I forget why he didn't, maybe he has his mom to think of or something, but that should have been the first thing he did I would think. He does meet a guy, Michael, who comes off as kind of creepy at times. At first I thought oh great, he runs away from one set of criminals only to find this creepy guy and more bad things for Aaron. Only not so much. Apparently Michael is supposed to be a good guy and helps Aaron out. was just strange. I kept expecting Michael to be a bad guy, but he wasn't.

So Aaron gets captured by the bad guys in a crazy way, and the mom gets involved as she sees them and yeah. So they make Aaron help with the robberies and he just kind of goes along with it. It is not like it is really hard for them to convince him to help out. It just didn't make a lot of sense to me. Things go bad and then Aaron feels bad about it eventually and then the whole ending. Yeah. It was just really really unbelievable. The last few pages were just like wait what? Really? It was just extra crazy. An interesting premise, but I just couldn't believe anything that was happening which made it not the best.

Rating: ★ ★ 1/2

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