Storm Front (Reunited Hearts #1) by Rachel Curtis

Storm Front (Reunited Hearts Book 1)


Allison gave him her virginity seven years ago, but she hasn't thought about Michael for years--until they end up stranded together during a tropical storm. She's just as attracted to his sexy intensity and humor as she used to be, but she's not a silly girl anymore. Sure, she might enjoy a one-night-stand, but she's never going to fall for him. Not again.

Always forced into the public eye because of his business dealings and high-profile relationships, Michael doesn't trust journalists, and he doesn't trust women. Allison is both, which means he can never surrender to his tumultuous feelings for her, even though they only rage stronger when the storm finally ends.


Storm Front is a light, fluffy read. It was alright, I did enjoy it, but it wasn't as amazing as I had hoped it would be.

Allison and Michael knew each other years ago. Allison had a crush on Michael and gave her virginity to him, but then that was the end of that. I am not really sure why he never said anything to her after that or whatever as I don't remember it really being explained, just vaguely mentioned that it was that one night and then shortly thereafter they were living in different places so...

Anyways, Allison is now a reporter covering the big tropical storm when the area is supposed to be evacuated. She stays later than she should getting some human interest stories so she is trying to get out when the weather is not the best. Everything is fine until she gets into an accident with a car coming the other way.

Now who is in that car? Michael of course! And he does not like journalists since they have been hounding him about his personal life. He had a very public break up of his engagement and has been hiding out ever since. His ex is not the best so he is skeptical of women in general, but when Allison and Michael must ride out the storm together in a borrowed house things quickly heat up. It was fun and an easy read, and when they get back to real life there are some issues but they are easily overcome. It was am alright read. I liked both characters well enough, but nothing really made me love them. I didn't see an amazing connection between them, but was happy enough they got together. Just an alright read with nothing making it stand out in my mind.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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