Sweet Victory (Hope Falls #3) by Melanie Shawn

Sweet Victory (A Hope Falls Novel Book 3)


Samantha Holt has spent her entire life focused on her career as an Olympic snowboarder - to the point that she's never even had a boyfriend. Now the auburn-haired beauty has taken an early retirement to focus on her personal life, which is about to get a lot more interesting when a sexy man from her past comes to town. Can she trust him enough to be her first?

Luke Reynolds has moved back to the Sierra Nevadas to be closer to his family. A big bonus is the chance to finally be close to Samantha Holt, the girl he's been interested in for the entire ten years he's known her. Their snowboarding careers have put them in close proximity before, but Sam seems to have walls up when it comes to him. The bright blue eyes and sexy scruffiness that melt other womens' hearts seem to have no effect on her. Will Luke be able to show her that it's safe to let her guard down?


I was really excited to start reading Sweet Victory. Sam was so cute in the other stories I read so I was looking forward to getting to know her better. Really I thought I would like her like I liked Amy. Sam was fun, but I didn't enjoy the story as much as the 'Snow' stories (the last 4 in the series). Not sure why but these first four while good were not as good as the last ones.

Sam has always been focussed on her snowboarding. She has not had much time for an actual life since her training takes up so much time. She is on the top, but recently she has been feeling like it is too much. She has never even really had a boyfriend or anything and she thinks it is time to change that. She decides to take a year off and spend some time with her friends in Hope Falls.

Luke has always had a crush on Sam. Whenever he sees her it makes him happy. The problem? He apparently did something to make her hate him as whenever he is in the same room with her she immediately finds a reason to leave. When he learns that Sam is going to be staying in Hope Falls he moves back to the area as well. When they both end up working together at Amanda's outdoor adventure company things are looking up for him. He is determined to figure out what he did to make Sam hate him, apologize for it and get her to like him. It was sweet.

So this story was good, fun to read and all that, but I have been going through all of these Hope Falls books pretty quickly. They are starting to get a bit...I don't know if it is just that I have read them all back to back basically so they are starting to blend together, or if these first four books in the series I just don't enjoy as much as the last four. If that is the case I read them out of order. These first ones just seem like the same basic story again and again. They work together, fall in love, yey! Like this one they are both top athletes on the snow and now work together on the slopes so it was...I kind of wish it wasn't just both people are the same (both realtors, both top athletes, etc). Like I wish Sam would have found some nice boy who doesn't even know how to ski or something. It just...I don't know. It was a good story, I did enjoy it, I just am starting to get a bit tired of the same basic storyline. Oh well.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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