Unsettled (Chosen Series #1) by Alisa Mullen

Unsettled (The Chosen Series Book 1)


Lizzie O'Malley, a twenty three year old free spirited young woman, is on the run to find her purpose in life. In the summer of 2000, she returns home to Boston, Massachusetts to begin a life that she can be proud of. On her first night out on the town with a friend, tragedy strikes and she finds herself the cause of emotional wreckage. Instead of dealing, she concentrates on the man she met that first night. 

Teagan Gallagher, a twenty two year old college student from Ireland, spends the summer of 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts, working towards his degree and partying his way through the city. One night he finds a beautiful American girl that he is desperate to spend the summer with. 

Together, Teagan and Lizzie learn the ins and outs of an unconventional relationship. It isn't until their relationship is in so deep that it becomes impossible for one or the other to run away.


Wow Unsettled. The only thing I can think after reading it is what a mess! Not in a the writing is bad or even the story, but in a the main character just needs to get it together. She knows it, but she keeps just not making the right decisions and oh man. I just finished the book and as much of a mess as Lizzie is I can't wait to read more and see how she hopefully is a better, stronger person going forward.

So this is the story of Teagan and Lizzie. Can I just say that Teagan is a fuckin asshole? Yes, yes he is. I don't swear often, but he deserves it. Jerk is just not a strong enough word for how terrible he is. Almost from the start. You know something is not quite right with him, he never wants to talk about himself or share anything which is odd. He wants to know everything about Lizzie, but when she asks him questions he just gives simple answers. I am still reeling from how he was with Lizzie when she comes to him with her problems. He was such an asshole! He kept saying how he cares about her right after being all well they are your problems I won't be here for you. Complete and total asshole. I have rarely hated someone so much as I hated Teagan. Then, then even after he is such a jerk to her Lizzie still stays with him and gets hurt more. The whole summer was just....I hated Teagan. Yes, Lizzie needs to figure out what she is doing with her life and stop drinking so much all the time, but she still deserved better than Teagan.

The beginning of the story when she meets all the Irishmen was odd. She first liked Cain, but then found out he had a girlfriend. Then Teagan showed interested so yey! Then Freddie...but Freddie seems nice maybe I like him? She was just all over the place, but Teagan followed up with her so she went with him. She falls in love with him even though she never really knows him. She is such a mess, but I can't help but love reading about her. You know things will get worse before they get better, but oh I just want to scoop her up and make everything better for her.

By the end of the book Lizzie seems like she is getting her act together. She needs to stop blaming herself for everything that happens. Not everything is her fault. The beginning when her friend drives drunk? She blames herself for that and everything that happens. Why? Well she was supposed to be the designated driver. Sure, she was supposed to drive them home, and would have if her friend would have let her sober up. She just needed some time, or to call her brother or someone else to pick them up. She tried soooo hard to keep her friend from driving, but you cannot always stop someone when they want to do something. Not her fault! But she takes on all of that guilt herself, not even seeing how someone else at least shares some of the blame. She does that with everything. If something happens it is all her fault even when it is not. I hope she learns to stop blaming herself for everything.

So yeah, even though Lizzie is a mess and most of this book seems to just be drinking and sleeping with Teagan I still really enjoyed it. I am eager to start on the next book!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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