Broken by Kimberley Reeves



When I’m broken and nothing seems to make any sense, I go back to the ranch, to my beautiful Jessie. Jess…fixes me, makes me whole again.

Those were the words written in Adam's journal shortly before he died. His twin brother, Mitch, has never met Jessie, but believes she must be some kind of woman to glue his brother back together time after time. Now it is up to Mitch to tell her that Adam is gone, that he will never again return to her waiting arms. He doesn't want to tell her, doesn't want to be the one to break her heart, but what choice does he have?

On the drive to Jessie's ranch, Mitch devises a way they can both put closure on Adam's death. Posing as Adam will give Jessie one last time with him. Mitch can give her the memories she deserves, let her hear the words Adam should have spoken to her when he had the chance. And in the process, maybe Jessie can ease some of the ache in his own heart.

It is a simple plan; give Jessie a lifetime of memories, mend his own broken heart, then leave and send word of Adam's death. But the moment Mitch arrives at the ranch, his plan begins to fall apart. Jessie is everything his brother said she was, everything Mitch could ever hope for in a woman. Now he must spend the rest of his life pretending to be Adam, or tell Jessie the truth and risk losing her forever.


I must admit I picked up Broken because I just had to see how they resolved everything in the book. Adam and Mitch are identical twins and when Adam dies in the field Mitch goes back to his girl, Jessie, pretending to be Adam to give her one last visit from him before finding out he is dead. Well of course they fall in love, but how is Mitch supposed to tell her he is not Adam? Yes indeed. How is this all going to work out? Warning spoilers ahead.

So Mitch shows up at Jessie's place and after watching her for a few days and seeing how sad she is decides to give her one last visit from Adam. Then he can have someone else come and tell her Adam died. Great idea...I really have no idea how he thought it would work. Yes, they are identical twins, but Jessie knows Adam intimately. It is just have to go with it at times. He does have Adam's journal where he talked about the ranch hands and such on Jessie's ranch so he knows who people are kind of and can pretend.

Jessie is so happy to have Adam back even if he is acting different. She loves the new Adam and at first is always waiting for him to revert back to his old self. He is more affectionate and keeps saying he is going to stay, but Jessie knows Adam gets fidgety after a few weeks. As the weeks go on and he doesn't change back she starts to get comfortable in their new routine and believe that he will stay around.

Then Jessie gets pregnant. She is super worried about how Adam will take it since he had a vasectomy before he met her since he didn't want kids. Of course Mitch didn't know this, but Jessie doesn't know what to do. And it is at this time that she figures out Adam is not Adam, Adam must be his brother Mitch! What happens once she figures this out? Well not much. She is worried for Mitch's mental health, like he might actually think he is his brother. She just loves him so much she cannot even imagine for a second losing him, and she is not angry with him at all for pretending to be Adam. Odd. Not how I would react. I was expecting more of a confrontation or something to happen and then Mitch having to work his way back into her good graces, but nope. It is fine. The story goes on for a while more, Jessie waiting for Mitch to come clean so they can move forward with their lives and Mitch trying to figure out how to tell Jessie in a way so that she won't hate him forever. It was just a bit of a let down, and I didn't really believe it. At the same time it was kind of nice not to have a bunch of drama, but still.

Oh and there is a bad guy land owner who wants to buy Jessie's farm and take over everything. He is not a nice guy and there are some issues with that. Mitch and him have a fight and then the bad guy is all I will get you for this! Mwahahah! Well he does try and ruin everything in the end, but when it doesn't work he is just like oh, okay. Cool. Bestest friends now? Again it was a wait what? He is just giving up and everyone is going to be friends now? Um...okay. It just didn't seem to fit the character up until that point. Even with all of this unexpected easy solutions to all of the problems I still enjoyed the book, more than I thought I would.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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