The Honeymoon Trap by Kelly Hunter

The Honeymoon Trap


They were on the honeymoon of a lifetime. Pity it wasn’t theirs. 

Eli Jackson has just married the woman of his dreams. Sure, it was part of an online role-playing game and not exactly real, but he totally dominated the wedding battle that followed and his lady wife was very impressed. 

Eli never imagined that his brothers would bestow on them a real-world honeymoon package at one of the Gold Coast’s premier hotels. He never figured on costume designer Zoey Daniels being such fun. Together they’re dynamite, but Eli’s not looking for a real relationship and Zoey lives only for the day. 

Besides, no one falls in love this fast. Do they?


Sometimes I download books that I don't actually think I will like that much. Books that seem like they will be cheesy or too much or just not that good, but for some reason they intrigue me at the same time. Like I need to see how they play the storyline out or something. Not something that will be super terrible, something that will at least be entertaining, but not something that will stick with me or make me go out and get more by the author. A pallet cleanser of sorts, something to just lightly entertain. The Honeymoon Trap was one of those books for me. I didn't think I would really like it. It sounded like a cheesy story, but an interesting idea so why not try it out? Boy was I wrong. This was a great read. I was so surprised by how much I loved it. It is a quick, easy read but so much fun right from the start. I definitely need to check out more from this author.

Eli and Zoey have been playing an online role-playing game together for the past two years. They play every Friday and they both look forward to that time every week. Eli had a girlfriend he loved, but she died 5 years ago in an accident. Since then Eli hasn't really moved on. It has only been in the past year that he has started to even notice other women. He definitely doesn't want to move on and isn't ready to start a new relationship yet. He is not ready to let his dead love go completely. In real life he comes across as the shy brother, always taking a back seat to his older brothers. He lets them fight it out for the lime light. He is fine in the shadows. He doesn't notice that he does have his own presence, that people do notice him.

Zoey is so full of life and just has this huge presence. When they first meet she is parting the sea of convention goers in her elaborate purple dress. You cannot miss her. She is a costume designer and lives life to the fullest. People definitely notice her and she so easily finds connections with everyone around her. She is so warm and caring and free.

When they meet they are both take a back by their instant connection. Eli tries to fight it, but Zoey doesn't make it easy on him. They find out a lot about each other in the few days they spend together and they both fall hard. Sometimes authors don't really pull off the love at first sight thing, but this time I believed it. Partly it was how long they have been playing their online role-playing game together. Yes, they didn't divulge personal information, but you still get to know the other person somewhat. I loved Zoey and how quick witted she was. She as almost larger than life. It went so well with Eli who is used to keeping to the shadows. The differences between them really made it work. I loved them together and loved reading this story. I definitely need to read more by this author.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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