Release Day! A Little Faith (Ocean Beach #1) by Emma James - Review, Excerpt & Giveaway!

A Little Faith (Ocean Beach Book 1)


I had no idea a carefree island vacation would tear my life apart.
But now it’s time to put my walls up, make them impenetrable.
It’s the only way to survive.

Six Years Later…

Harley, the protector. Retro, the straight shooter. 
Keanu, the funny bone. Levi, the model. And Text, who can’t seem to find himself.

All their lives were permanently altered by one event.

With a pact made, these five best friends need something from Faith.

Is she ready now to give them what they have been waiting for?

Join Faith as she goes on an emotional and heartwarming discovery where all may not be what it seems.

But with every ending, comes a new beginning, a second chance.

You just gotta have A Little Faith...

Welcome to Ocean Beach.


Wow. Okay. So first off I feel like I should say that this book does have a bit of a cliffhanger and man I need the next book! I can't really talk about what happens in the book as I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but it is not at all what I expected.

So the first chapter starts with that island vacation that changes everything. I am reading and not really liking it as it was a bit...too descriptive and too many people were introduced with too much info that I was just like well I am not going to remember all of this. Then suddenly stuff happens and I was like oh sugar pops this is what this book is about? Alright then.

The book is told from many different points of view. Each chapter changes the POV and I actually really liked that. I didn't like the first chapter's POV, but once it changed to Faith I started liking it more. Well then I started hating Faith when it jumped to six years later and how everyone treated her with such kid gloves like she would break at any second. She got really annoying with her inner monologue of how horrible she has been and what is wrong with her? Why is she so selfish? I was just like yes, why are you like this? It has been six years!! I really got annoyed with her quite a bit in those first chapters. Then she started to not be so whiny poor me what is wrong with me and I started to really get into the story. This is an example of one of why it hard for me to put down a book once I have started even though I am not enjoying it. The first 20% or so of this book I was just like I don't know about this...this is not that good. Then it changed and was way better and I started loving it. By the end I was just like wait there are only a couple pages left in this book!?! NO!!! I have to wait for more?!?! NO! So yeah. This book is an example of why I always finish books once I start. Sometimes they really do get better and become great books.

So what else can I say about this book? Well not much. I don't want to give anything away. There are a ton of characters though so maybe a re-cap of my thoughts on them? Alright.

Text - He was my favorite by far. I cannot wait to see how his story plays out. He is just...I loved him. He has a lot of issues, probably the most out of everyone in the book, but he is also sweet and kind and you can tell he is a good guy. Really when I got to the end I was upset because that meant I didn't get to see how things work out for him in particular. I need the next book (though something tells me his story won't be resolved until later)!

Harley - He was my least favorite of the guys. I didn't really like his voice for his sections of the book. He was a bit too over-protective of everyone for my tastes.

Retro - He was fun. He has a lot going on in this book and it makes me warm and fuzzy. I really liked him and his story. He was a great guy.

Keanu - He was my close second favorite. He was so funny and fun and I loved his attitude. Yes, he keeps a lot bottled up inside, but the way he is accepting of some of the things that he has to deal with was just really amazing. Not everyone would even be able to put up the front he does in his situation so I loved him. I would love to have him around and be bff with him.

Levi - I don't feel like I really got to know Levi in this book. I am sure he is great, just like the rest of them, but I didn't really get a good feel for him. I am sure he will be a bigger part of the next book so I will get to know him more then.

Slade - Another guy that I don't feel I really got to know. He seemed to be even less of a main character than Levi so we shall see if you get to know him more in the next book.

So that is it. By the end I loved most of these guys and how amazing they are. I was so into the book that when it ended I was caught a bit off guard. I keep thinking of how I want Text's story to end, and thinking about Keanu and Retro and all of them! Really loved this story by the end so if you are not enjoying it at first definitely keep reading. It turns into an amazing story and I can't wait for the next book!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

- Bob Marley

It’s a hot and humid night. We’re all looking forward to a beer and some nightlife as we take the short walk from our hotel to the Coconut Club.

At this time of the year, the island is packed with tourists from all over the world. This means lots of beautiful girls in their tiny bikinis with a tan and a smile and everybody looking to have a good time.

Only ten days into our two week surfing vacation with my friends, I’ve been having the time of my life. We’ve met some great locals who have entrusted us with their secret surfing spots, which they keep on the down-low. These are their places to surf, not to be overrun by tourists.

The surf has been awesome. We’ve ridden alongside the locals, our boards attached to our motorcycles as we follow them through the hustle and bustle of the crazy traffic. I shit you not, it almost appears like there are no road rules over here. It’s like dodge ball with motorcycles. It’s been a hell of a lot of fun taking the bikes to the streets, weaving through the ridiculous traffic, honking our horns—quite the adrenaline ride.

Once we make it out of the shit storm of traffic and get on the quieter roads around the island, we're able to put the pedal to the metal and enjoy the scenery.


Just don’t fucking crash has been our motto because the hospital service isn’t that great over here. You don’t want to wind up in it.

Since Faith would’ve loved to see some of the places we’ve been to and photograph them, Jase brought his camera and saved some of these memories for her. I can’t help thinking he has an interest in my sister. But Jase is a great guy, so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

The locals have showed us the clubs and bars to check out. We know they receive commission for pointing us in the direction of certain places, but these guys don’t have the same opportunities we have been given in life, so why not help a guy out?

The food has been awesome. Keanu only got the shits for a few days—we did warn him about the water. We could smell him from across the hallway, making me glad I wasn’t sharing a room with Keanu. Levi got the short straw for those few days.

We’ve sat on the beach at night while Keanu, Levi, and Jase sang and strummed their guitars, entertaining a small crowd that gathered each evening while the sun sets. It's a pretty awesome way to watch the sun go down if you ask me. This has been such a great trip.

After four years of college, we all just graduated and decided to take this trip as a gift to ourselves for summer break. We’ve all got stuff we have applied for or are in the process of locking down when we get home except for Jase, who is the youngest in the group and our friend Harley’s younger brother. He wanted to come along, so this is his vacation before he starts college.

We weren’t stupid; we all knew life was getting more serious and we were entering the next phase. We have our futures ahead of ourselves, yet who knew when we would be able to all get together and do this again? My only regret is Harley couldn’t make the trip.

He is moving ahead with his dream of owning a business—his college years were more about a backup plan. The guy is so smart. He plans way ahead. Out of all of us, he’s got his shit together the most. He landed himself a job that he couldn’t pass up. The boy is thinking big and has always been like that. He sees his future of owning a security business empire like a blueprint in his mind. I know he will make it happen, as well. He’s just that kind of guy.

Fuck, I love all these guys. My friends mean the world to me, and I would do anything for them.

Any-fucking-thing they asked of me.

The guys are all completely different. Well, maybe with the exception of Keanu and Levi. Those two are hilarious without trying and have this bond which glues them together. They have such a bromance going on that they will be friends for life. Nothing will get between them. They are brothers from another mother, through and through. Although, we all get along incredibly well.

Keanu and Levi have been spreading themselves among the ladies, while Retro seems happy enough just surfing, eating, and drinking. He’s got a lady on his mind back home, so he’s just letting his free spirit enjoy the waves and soak up the atmosphere.

I’ve been keeping a subtle eye on Jase; he’s been throwing back a few beers. The chicks love his blonde hair and mismatched blue and brown eyes. At eighteen, he isn’t technically underage here, only back home; as a result, he’s enjoying it while it lasts. I promised Harley, his brother, I would have his back and not let him get too out of control, and so far, he’s only thrown up like the exorcist one night. I think that helped cure him of hitting it too hard for a few more days. The waves are more important than getting totally wasted and not being able to surf anyways.

We enter the Coconut Club and make our way to a high-top table with the stools. This place is starting to fill up. The DJ is playing loud techno, and the club is pumping with bodies on the dance floor moving in sync.

Retro offers to buy the first round and takes off to the bar before it gets too busy and you wind up waiting to be served for ages.

Levi and Keanu are already scouting the club for hot chicks, talking in each other’s ear, being each other’s wingman. The next second, they are both shouting, “Challenge. Accepted!” and bumping fists. I roll my eyes. They do this every night once they have locked down their female prey. The girls are here to party, looking for a good time, and these two aim to please.

The tourists are all in party mode on the island. Inhibitions are left at the door. After what I have seen, I don’t think I will be letting my future daughter ever come on a vacation for summer break until she is at least thirty.

Hell. No.

Jase has already been spotted by a group of girls who are all giggling and pointing at him. I can’t help feeling proud of him. He was somewhat of a geek at school and I suppose Harley and my boys rubbed off on him. Now he’s buff and enjoying the female attention. His blonde hair and striking mismatched eyes make him stand out from the crowd.

We are all a pretty good looking bunch. We look after ourselves, and we hit up a fair bit of extreme sports. It keeps us fit. We aren’t the indoorsy type. We study hard, but we play hard, too.

One day, all this carefree stuff will have to be locked down, but at the moment, we are young and single and generally don’t do anything by halves.

It’s all or nothing.

About the Author:

Emma James lives in Queensland, Australia with her smexi husband, three children and a big black Labrador. Life is busy and most entertaining in the James household. She often bounces ideas off her family and gets very creative responses. She loves to read as much as write. Daytime for writing, night time for reading.

Emma hopes to surprise you with her debut book, A Little Faith.

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  1. Thank you Jen for your honest thoughts on A Little Faith, you had me nervous there for a while, but I am glad I managed to change your mind from the opening pov's to the end. Poor Faith, she really is a nice chick. Hehehe :D

    Thank you again for taking the time to read and review. You did have me chuckling and Keanu is my funny bone. I do love him. I can tell you Levi deliberately didn't get a big part, and you picked up on that, and Slade also. He was originally only going to be the guy behind the bar, but I fell in love with him. He had a much bigger part in this story, but I chose to take out nearly 8000 words. One of my BETA readers told me to walk before I could run and I listened and she made sense. Instead he gets a bigger role in # 2 - Hope Is Lost. Slade is finding himself involved more too. This is a 5 book series and 2 novellas so I will be telling this series as an ongoing story about all the characters over the course.

    I hope you come back for more.

    Thanks again.



    1. I will definitely come back for me! I need to see what happens with everyone and learn the full story! :) I figured Levi and Slade would have bigger roles as the story went on and I look forward to getting to know them better. When I got to the end and saw there were going to be more books I realized I was going to have to try and be patient and wait for the story to unfold. Thanks for the great read!

      Also I put the review up on Goodreads and Amazon :)

  2. Jen, if I you haven't had a chance yet to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads, it would be most welcome. As a debut author, every little bit helps.

    Thank you



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