Shiver: 13 Sexy Tales of Humor and Horror

SHIVER: 13 Sexy Tales of Humor and Horror

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Shiver is an anthology of novellas from 13 different authors available for a limited time. All proceeds go to a good cause so why not pick up a copy? I'm going to have a short review for each story with the associated rating for that story. If you know me you know I usually do not like novellas. Something about the longer than a short story, but shorter than a novel usually just doesn't work. I don't know that most authors can write a good story in so few pages. The ones in this anthology for the most part are alright, but again I am not a novella person in general. Without further ado here are my thoughts.

Better the Devil You Know by Belle Aurora
When you know, you know
★ ★ 1/2
I love Belle Aurora's books, and while this story was alright for me it ended too quickly (my usual complaint about novellas). It just seemed like everything worked out too fast, though it was alright. You know quickly what will happen with Bastian, the guy who the girl is like instantly in love with, but you also don't really get to know the characters that well. 

Lights Out by Jodie Beau
A single mom, a single dad, a common enemy. Will their feelings come to light on Halloween?
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I think Lights Out is the best novella I have ever read. It is a complete story within the 50 or so pages. It was amazing. Super fun and funny, I really connected with the character and felt like the story was complete. No rushing through it, just well paced and thought out story. You have the backstory, you have what happened on just one day, Halloween, and you even get a little epilogue that rounds it off nicely. It worked. It was a stand alone story of a single mom and a single dad and how they get together. Really loved this one, loved that you get both points of view, loved that it was a bit silly, loved the kids, loved everything about it. A great read and my first from this author so I will definitely be checking out more of her work.

Spandex is for Superheroes by Ruth Clampett
Beware of the terror of your Halloween costume not fitting.
This novella was not for me. I can see where others would be entertained by it and find it humorous, but it is not my humor. The story is mostly just this girl trying to fit her too big self into her too small costume via shapewear. Since she had to buy the shapewear I am not sure why she didn't just buy a bigger costume instead...

Macabre Magic by L.H. Cosway
Halloween, a bet, one spooky magic trick.
★ ★ ★ 1/2
Can I just start by saying I am not an L.H. Cosway fan? I really just am not. Something about the way she writes her male leads I do not like. They don't jive with me and it is not good. So then can I say how surprised I was when I got to the end of this story and realized I just read a Cosway story and enjoyed it? Apparently in short doses I like her. This story was fun and had the best scary scene out of all of them in the anthology. The girl is like me, hard to scare, so she makes a bet with her husband that he can't scare her on Halloween. Well he tries, and he does in a pretty creepy way. A surprisingly good read. 

Candy, Dentures, and Way Too Much Spandex by R.S. Grey
He stole my heart in between gyrating geriatrics.
★ ★ 1/2
I've only read one R.S. Grey book, but like the Ruth Clampett's short it is not my humor. This one was alright, a murder mystery party at the old folks home, with the one ladies hot grandson in tow. The story was just light and fluffy and just okay for me. I wish there would have been less lead up to the party and have the murder mystery drawn out more.  It just was too smooth and quick once it started.

Mystery, Matzo Balls and Moxie by Z.B. Heller
A mystery weekend gets steamy and stuffed... with food.
This story was definitely not my thing. I should have known right from the beginning that it wouldn't be my thing. "Renee loved that I could conjure up different names for the female genitalia." Yeah, I do not like that at all. I don't like crazy "fun" names for private parts. I makes me cringe usually so this was just a no go for me. It was just way too graphic and crass for me. Maybe if I had known the characters already and grew to love them it could have been okay, but this was the first time reading this author.

A Halloween Hook-Up by Jennie Marts
A sexy physic and a private eye solve a ghostly murder.
★ ★ ★1/2
This was my first time reading Jennie Marts and I will have to check out one of her full length books. This was a cute, fun read and I would definitely read more about these two characters. Finn and Zia have worked next door to each other for a while, but never really interacted. When both of their businesses get ransacked they are forced to talk to each other. They pretty quickly realize they are both attracted to each other and it was just a fun read. I liked how she seems so not like someone he would be into, and he seems to grumpy for her, but they work it all out. 

Peckers by Liv Morris
A hot cop with handcuffs and a dimpled smile can be frighteningly sexy.
★ ★ ★
This short moved really quickly, but it was still fun to read. Really there was a bit of silliness that I liked and made me laugh. The whole forking thing was just silly and I enjoyed it. It was too easy for Trish and Thomas to get together, but it was an entertaining read. 

Bewitched by Daisy Prescott
A crush. A love spell. What could go wrong?
★ ★1/2
This story was alright. A girl doesn't believe in witchcraft and spells and such, but she lives in Salem. Her roommate does believe and takes her to a shop where she gets a love spell from the lady in charge. She likes the dark brooding guy and so she does her love spell, even though she doesn't really believe it will work, then worries the rest of the time that the guy will just like her because of the spell. It was an alright read. 

Red Run by Ashley Pullo
Trick o' treat, a girl to meet, blood sangria wicked sweet.
★ ★
This story was a bit confusing to me (some spoilers ahead). The main character was strange for me. He meets this lady and she invites him to this Halloween party, but she is so secretive about what it is. It didn't make sense as when you figure it out it is just like okay...she says something about how most people won't put up with her weird hobby, but it just seemed odd to me. Like why didn't she just tell him where they were going? So then the end you get two seconds of there is the girl! The one who will be mine! It just threw me. I was like wait a minute, I just read this story with this other lady and you are just sneaking in this other girl at the end? A strange read.

Double Dare by Penny Reid
Never play truth or dare with identical twins.
★ ★ ★ ★1/2
Phew Penny sure made one hot story with this one. It has that special Penny charm with the hilarious, smart jokes that I love. Loved seeing Duane and Jess, but man Duane...I can already tell he is going to be another favorite. Whoa he was yeah. This is the way I am with Penny's stories. I finish them then can't talk right. Like I can't find words for how much I love them. I got to the end of this short story and was just like no!!! I need more! I have to wait months for more...I will just have to reread some of her other books to tide me over. Loved this short from the amazing Penny Reid.

Nightmare in Night Court by N.M. Silber
When lusty lawyers meet creepy criminals.
★ ★ ★
This story is just the fun, crazy cases that Gabrielle and Braden try on Halloween night. You have lots of fun ones, everything the guy who is an alien from outer space and in the US illegally to a potential ghost! Really it was just silly and if you like the authors other works you will enjoy this one. 

One Little Bite by C.C. Wood
Even the big, bad wolf can fall in love.
★ ★ ★
I started this story and just thought eh, werewolves and vampires. I quickly started to love it though, but then suddenly it was over! I haven't read C.C. Wood before, but I think I will have to start now. Really I want to see how this story ends, read the continuation of the story, but I don't know if/when that will be...this story was hot and you get both characters points of view and it is just...the end is like no! Don't do this! What is going to happen?!? How are you going to resolve this?? but there is no more.


  1. Eek! This just made my whole day. Or maybe my year. Thanks for getting me :) Happy Halloween.

    1. Oh I'm glad :) Your story was really amazing. I immediately went out and one clicked The Good Life after reading your short and I am finally getting to it today. I started reading it this morning and so far am loving it!


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