The Missing by Sarah Langan

The Missing


A remote and affluent Maine community, Corpus Christi was untouched by the environmental catastrophe that destroyed the neighboring blue-collar town of Bedford. But all that will change in a heartbeat . . .

The nightmare is awakened when third-grade schoolteacher Lois Larkin takes the children on a field trip to Bedford. There in the abandoned woods, a small, cruel boy unearths an ancient horror—a contagious plague that transforms its victims into something violent, hungry . . . and inhuman.

The long, dark night is just beginning. And all hope must die as the contagion feeds—for the malevolence will not rest until it has devoured every living soul in Corpus Christi . . . and beyond.


The Missing was a good read. It was interesting because I didn't really like any of the characters. I didn't care if any of them lived or died. They all had such strange thought processes and just were not really great people. This was the first book by this author I have read and I didn't realize it was the second in a series when I started. I don't think I needed to read the first book to read this one, but it would have added to the background knowledge for sure.

This book starts off with Lois who is just such so sad. She is with this guy who she doesn't really seem to like or think that much of and her bff is terrible to her. Her mom is a nightmare and she has chances to get out, to do something great for herself and she just doesn't. She is just...I didn't really understand her. I didn't much care for her and her poor me seeming ways. She takes her kids to the woods outside of the town next to theirs where there was a huge fire and chemical contamination not too long ago (the story of the first book apparently). Why? Not sure. She just does. When she gets there things are worse than she thought they would be. Everything seems to be dead. Plants, animals, not much to see and do. She still keeps up her field trip though and when one of the boys gets left behind he unearths the evil that infects the town.

Through the story you meet other characters and see what they go through when people start getting sick and things quickly deteriorate. As I said before I didn't really like any of them. Meg was just...I really didn't understand her and how she thought. It is just everyone in this town seems to be miserable, but they don't do anything about it. They are miserable and all I hate other people, but then they think no, I don't hate them. I love them. And back and forth. The way the evil spreads and how it works was kind of cool. Different, but like a combination of a few different monsters.

I did enjoy the story and I liked how it ended. Even though I didn't understand the people and found them strange it was still an enjoyable read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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