I'm With You by Glenna Maynard

I'm with You


"We're just trying to figure out this life, how to get from one day to the next. And though we tried, we've lost it all somehow. But our love won't be tragic. Just remember I'm with You..."

Bella Rose and Cutter Dawson are two lost souls trying to find their place in this world. They have known loss. But with pain comes beauty. When they find each other in the midst of their darkest hours, will the beauty they see in each other be enough to save them?


When I started reading I'm With You I thought Yes! This is going to be amazing! The beginning, where Bella is so depressed, was simply amazing. Bella is in such a dark place and it was just written so beautifully I loved it. I was so looking forward to what would happen with Cutter and seeing Bella slowly emerge from the hole she is in. I loved that first part.

Then she meets Cutter and suddenly she is like completely different. I was like wait...what is going on? She is suddenly, right away, all over him and it was so strange. I almost felt like the book was manic depressive or something. Started with a very dark depression, then got kind of manic when Cutter comes into it, and it goes back and forth a bit between dark and happy. I don't know what happened. I was loving it, but everything was too easy to fix. I felt like I was on something, or what I think it would feel like to be on something since I have never done any drugs. Things didn't always make sense and the conversations were so strange at times and it just kind of derailed for me. Disappointing as it had so much potential to be a favorite.

So Bella is dealing with something and she meets Cutter who helps her deal with her darkness. He has his own issues, but whatever. She also keeps seeing things and thinks at times that she is going crazy, and I think the ending is supposed to be a surprise but it was obvious from the beginning what was going on. Near the end the author throws something else in and I was like well obviously parts of this, but not all of it...no they are still going with this? Oh, I guess all those obvious clues were wrong? Oh no, no they were not. It is what I thought. Alright. I don't know why no one ever considered the possibility of what was actually happening. It was the first thing I thought of and as I have said kind of obvious. It was the simplest solution and it just didn't make sense that no one even hinted that it might be what was going on.

Cutter seemed nice enough, but you only see him from Bella's point of view and well her judgement is not very good. Harlan is kind of a jerk and abusive when others are around, yet she still loves him and all that. She is still crushed by what happened with him so...that and his brother is a total jerk, but she doesn't think he is that bad. I mean yeah he is a jerk, but he would never do anything really mean even though you find out lots of not cool things he did. Oh well. As I said Cutter seems nice and everyone else liked him so that is good. I kind of wish we could have had the book change to his point of view for part of it so you could really see what he was like. Having it just from Bella's point of view I feel like you can't really trust what she thinks. Oh well. I did enjoy it, but as I said it was fairly easy to see what would happen from the beginning and it just got kind of crazy for a bit like I was on drugs. Strange.

Also just a note: this book needs some editing. I usually don't comment on this as it usually doesn't bother me, but in this book it kept drawing me out of the story. There were a lot of wrong words (such as our instead of are) or duplicate words or missing punctuation (such as "I just need to you to tell me its okay) that just made me stop so I could read it correctly. Bella also gets very crass at point which didn't make much sense. It didn't seem to be in her character so it just jolted me out of the story again. I don't mind swearing and dirty talking and whatever as long as it fits the story, which this did not.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2


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