Grant Me by Em Perna

Grant Me


Neva Mathews

It was a dark and stormy night. Not really. More like a bright and muggy afternoon in a grocery store parking lot that I met him. He was larger than the sun at that moment. It could be because he stood at six glorious feet and five extra inches. Or it could be because I’d just fallen to earth after slamming into him, allowing his big body to eclipse the sun. I didn’t know it at the time, but this beast of a man would take me out of my peaceful life and catapult me onto the roller coaster of a lifetime. I never saw myself falling in love again, having lost my childhood love five years before. I mean, I come as a package deal with my best friend Shelly and my handsome son Drew. But meeting Grant softened my heart and made me fall for him. Too bad he didn’t come with a warning label. 

Jason Grant 

I had one mission. There’s a reason I’m one of Miami’s best detectives; I always accomplish my mission. But then I met her, and my world suddenly shifted on its axis. I watched her from afar for several months. Watching and waiting for the right moment to make my move. Yet being around her has changed things. My blackened heart is beating again, craving this woman, making me want for things I’d given up on long ago. She reminds me of a porcelain doll. The only difference is the vivid colorful tattoos along each arm. She’s so small. If I’m not careful, I may be the reason she breaks."


*Note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Can I just say that I should have hated Grant Me, but for some reason I didn't. The main character was really stupid and I didn't understand why she made the decisions she did, she seemed to just blow off the threat before her and didn't really make smart decision when dealing with it and it was just...I should have hated it. But I didn't. I found it really entertaining and somehow charming. Originally I didn't think the author was a native english speaker because some of the sayings and phrasing were just a little bit off to me. I've since found out she is, so I am not sure what it is about it the writing made me think that was the case. Either way it was quite charming the way it was written and I loved it regardless.

Neva lost her husband five years ago in a random mugging. She doesn't have any family and few friends, but she lives with her bff and her 10 year old son. She is happy enough with her life, working two jobs to try and make do. She doesn't date or anything like that as she just hasn't found anyone who interests her. She just lives a simple life.

Jason is a detective who becomes involved with Neva when she gets shot at. They had run into each other before then and Neva was instantly attracted to him (something that hasn't happened since her husband). He is attracted to her as well, but he tries not to act on it once he starts to actually care for her because he is acting with another purpose in mind. You get hints that he is not entirely as he seems, and that he needs to get close to Neva to try and find out more info from her. He is with the police, but he is also working on something that you don't find out the details until the end. It was all very mysterious and fun to read.

Jason and Neva keep making out suddenly and getting closer together. It is very hot and cold with them. Neva trusts him, then she doesn't, then she does, etc. She gets shot at by the bad guys and when she realizes what they want does she tell anyone? Nope. She just can't part with it! It is just...I didn't understand her reasoning. She keeps having bad things happen to her, but she doesn't give up what she has that would make it all go away. She puts her bff and son in danger by not doing anything, or even telling the bff what is going on or handing over what she has. She doesn't even tell Jason that she has what they want and work with him to resolve all of this. I didn't understand that. She gets shot at more than once, but it is a good thing the bad guys are terrible shots or she would have died easily. She kept trying to do everything herself, but the way she went about it was terrible. Like I said I should have hated this, but for some reason I didn't. She is so stupid and I would yell at her in my head, but I liked her at the same time.

When you find out what is really going on I was just like woah okay, never would have guessed that. So it was fun that it wasn't easy to figure out what was happening. I liked how it was set up really mysterious with what everyone was doing and how they were all involved in what was happening. Really I loved reading this book, even if it was slightly odd.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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