Unrequited (Chosen Series #3) by Alisa Mullen

Unrequited: Unrequited Book #3 The Chosen Series


Nick Sawyer, a successful business man, has everything he has ever wanted. Grateful for the new additions to his life, he realizes he has the kind of love that he never knew existed. If it wasn't for Lizzie O'Malley, Nick would still be sucked up in his job during the day and bars at night. Lizzie changed his life just by stepping into it. 

Samantha Hughes, a childhood friend of Nick's, is back in Boston following her father's wishes. It is his intention that Sam catches the eye of Nick before he commits himself to Lizzie O'Malley. Their plan rapidly becomes reality, just not the reality Sam was expecting.

Unrequited is a twisted love triangle story that goes awry. Who will be the one that loses it all?

This is the third and final installment of The Chosen Series. This book is told by Nick and Samantha's POV.


Oh man. I knew Unrequited would have some drama since the whole premise is Sam trying to break up Nick and Lizzie, but phew. At first I was sad this wasn't from Lizzie's point of view like the other two books. I missed her voice and reading her crazy mess of a life. I say that in the fondest of ways. I really like Lizzie even if she has issues and running is her go to when things get rough. Slowly, though, I was happy to see Nick and Sam and what they were thinking about everything. Still missed Lizzie, but it did make more sense to have these other two points of view.

This story starts off shortly after the last one left off. If you have not read the other two books be warned there are spoilers for them. Nick and Lizzie are happy, though Lizzie is not 100% comfortable with Nick's money. She doesn't feel like she fits into his lifestyle, but she loves him. He is so sweet with her son and her and oh Nick was great. You can tell that he doesn't care about any of it. He would give up everything for her if he had to.

Sam comes back with the intention of breaking up Nick and Lizzie. I knew Lizzie was the weak point in all of this and was sure it wouldn't take that much for her to run. I loved reading Sam's part where she was a horrible horrible person. Yes she is working for her father, but she knows it is not right and just doesn't care. I never understood the mindset that if you break up two people who love each other then the person you like will love you instead. It doesn't really work that way so I am always confused when people seem to think you can so easily transfer feelings from one person to another. Silly silly people. Sam was so perfect in her evilness I loved it. I will say I felt like she switched and stopped listening to her father too easily. It was just like suddenly she is not going to be horrible anymore. I wish that would have been drawn out a little more, more of a gradual thing. Still she was great. The ending with her was somehow poetic. It fit her somehow. Her last point of view chapter was kind of beautiful.

Nick...oh Nick. He had a lot to deal with in this book. He thought waiting for Lizzie to admit her feelings was bad. That was nothing compared to trying to deal with Sam and her trying to break them up. You just want everything to work out for them and I kept thinking it just has to! This is the last book, it has to work out for them. She is having his baby so Lizzie can't stay away forever. There was a lot of emotional ups and downs for him, but he managed to get through it. I do wish the end with Sam's dad would have been a bit more planned on Nick's part. Oh well, he gets what he deserves.

I really love Nick and Lizzie together. They are so goofy and immature at times. They act like kids and bicker and tease each other and it was just really nice to see. They weren't just super lovey dovey. He calls her a brat all the time and knows all of her bad traits, but how they are also offset by her good traits. They are perfect together and they will live happily ever after. So much love for both of them. I am kind of sad that this series is over. No more new Nick and Lizzie stories to read. This series really hooked me from the start. I didn't think it would really be my thing, I didn't think I would love these books this much, but I am sad it is over. At least I have Unmarked, Sean's story, to look forward to!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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