You Make Me (Blurred Lines #1) by Erin McCarthy

You Make Me (Blurred Lines Book 1)


The guy she wants…

Growing up on the coast of Maine with a revolving door of foster siblings, Caitlyn Michaud spent one intense and passionate year falling in love with her foster brother, Heath. Then he left without a word. The betrayal devastated Caitlyn and made her vow to forget the compelling bad boy. But forgetting his sensual touch and their deep all-consuming friendship is easier said than done.

Isn’t the guy she needs…

Determined to move on, in college Caitlyn has risen above her small town impoverished roots and has joined a sorority, reinvented her appearance, and landed the right boyfriend. Pre-law major and frat president, Ethan, is thoughtful and always laughing, and he makes her feel happy, calm. He also gives her the social acceptance she craves. 

But the perfect world she tried so hard to attain is ripped apart when Heath appears one night out of nowhere. Caitlyn remembers all the reasons why she loves him, even if they don’t make sense to anyone but her. Out of the military, Heath is as brooding and intense as ever, and he is determined not only to win her back, but to exact revenge on everyone who kept him from her…

And when one love allows her to breathe, but the other feels as essential to her life as air, how does she choose between them?


I enjoyed reading You Make Me, but there was something off with it at the same time. I didn't really like either of the guys so I kind of wish Cat would have ended up alone.

Cat grew up in a small town on an island. She has a mom who is not all there, a brother who has been an alcoholic from a young age, and a revolving door of foster kids. She doesn't usually get to know them, that is until Heath. At first Heath stayed away from Cat since he is used to being shuffled from home to home. He does not have a sunny happy disposition, but he is not all bad either. One day Heath approaches Cat and that is it for them. From then on they were inseparable and eventually grew to love each other deeply. Then one morning Heath is just gone. It has been four years with no word from him.

When Cat went away for college she took that opportunity to become a completely different person. She is now perfect Caitlyn with the perfect boyfriend and such. She wants a family, she wants a safe, dependable life. She is taking classes to become a mortgage broker, not the track couch and artist she wanted in high school. She is dating Ethan, the supposedly perfect guy. I never really saw that. Caitlyn seemed to be pretending all the time to try and make things perfect and guaranteed not to hurt her. Caitlyn never told anyone anything about her life prior to college. She tries to suppress Cat, so she is living a lie really. When her past starts to show up her perfect life quickly unravels.

It is obvious Cat doesn't really, truly love Ethan as much as she does Heath. When he shows up in the beginning, right after she gets engaged to Ethan, she pretty much shoved Ethan out of the way to get to Heath. So then she keeps stringing Ethan along because she wants the stability and family he can offer her. She still has feelings for Heath, but he doesn't fit into her stable, safe future. I mean what if she breaks it off with Ethan and then things don't work out with Heath? She will be alone. Yeah that is not really a great way to think. I mean nothing is guaranteed.

So Ethan and Cat are over faster than I thought they would be. The entire time Cat is thinking of Heath and once they get together...well Heath is a bit intense, and not in a good way. He kind of creeps me out. That and everyone who knew them together, or see them together now, say how they don't really think he is good for her. How she kind of loses herself in him, they lose themselves in each other, but definitely not in a good way. Then the past really starts to come out and Cat goes a bit crazy. I thought yeah, this is not really good for you being with Heath. I know you guys love each other, but that is not always healthy. I would have loved if the story ended with Cat alone, figuring out how to be alone, figuring out how to not be with someone. She really is afraid of being alone, so I wish she would have been alone to deal with that and see who she really is. She is Cat and Caitlyn, but I didn't feel she really figured out who that person is, how to combine both of them. So an interesting read, but I couldn't help but be disappointed by the ending. This book did make me want to check out more works from this author though so that is a good thing.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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