Forecast (Shakespeare Sisters #1) by Jane Tara

Forecast: Shakespeare Sisters


The Shakespeare women were what the locals of Greenwich Village called “gifted.”

Sure, Rowie’s predictions were helpful for forecasting the weather or finding someone’s lost grandkid. But when it came to love, her abilities were more like a curse. Why bother dating a guy if you knew at the first kiss he was destined for some blonde from New Jersey? Nope, Rowie was much happier bringing together the people she knew were a perfect match. Until the day she kissed the man whose future she couldn’t foresee.


Forecast was a cute read. I enjoyed the main characters and it was just fun.

Rowie is psychic just like the rest of the women in her family. She helps her grandmother run their store, though she wants more from her life. She doesn't want to be stuck there forever, something her grandmother doesn't understand. Her mother has always had her head in the clouds a bit and never got over her father (who her mother had only spent one night with and never saw again). Rowie's talents are different from her mother and grandmother. She can predict the weather and has been doing so for 3 years now outside their place. She has never been wrong. She can also see a guys future when she kisses them, which might not be a big deal only it never includes her. She's tried in the past to just ignore it, but that just ends in heartache when the guy finds the girl she saw when she first kissed him. She is waiting to find the guy who makes her see nothing when they kiss. The guy who blocks her powers, the guy for her.

Drew is the popular weather guy everyone loves. He is a bit of a ladies man, but he is not a bad guy. He did sleep with the lady in charge at work though and that has been a bit of a disaster. He thought she was okay with no strings, until she got really clingy and he tried to end it amicably. Since then Jess, the girl in charge, has been holding a grudge. She wants Drew back and so she ends up being an issue.

At the beginning of the book Drew hurts his leg while covering the hurricane in Florida so they need a temporary replacement - Rowie. Jess had just seen her weather thing that morning and they could use a gimmick to get people to tune in. Drew has veto power and has to approve his replacement and when Rowie and Drew meet they are both drawn to the other. Drew tries to be annoyed with her when he finds out she is a gimmick. He is all science and loves his job. He doesn't want anyone making a mockery of it.. Then he talks to her again and it just is perfect. They are so perfect for each other and he can't stay mad at her.

When he can finally come back to New York, when his leg heals enough, things quickly heat up. Jess is around trying to cause trouble as she wants Drew for herself. She really is quite mean and selfish and just not a very nice person. It was still nice to see Drew and Rowie together as they were really cute. Of course it can't be all sunshine and roses and there are some issues, but they work it out in the end.

There were a few small things that did bug me about the book. A few times there were some conversations about like the environment and stuff and they way it was written was just like the author wanted to add a psa into the story, not like just have the characters discuss it. It didn't feel natural and while I agreed with what was said I still didn't like it in my story. It needs to flow and just be what it is.

The other thing that bugged me? Everyone Rowie knows finds love at the same time. I really don't like when that happens. It is just a bit too...too much for me. It is not realistic that everyone you know will find their true loves all within like a week of each other. It is just something that bugs me in books. Overall though I did enjoy the story, it was really cute, and I would read more by this author.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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