Cruiser (Cruiser & Lex #1) by Dee J. Stone

Cruiser (Cruiser & Lex, Book 1)


Lex is the girl of Cruiser’s dreams. But his twin brother got to her first. 

I’ve got a million voices telling me why I shouldn’t kiss her. She’s Rey’s girl and off limits. He’s been good to her. I know he will continue to be good to her. Look out for her, protect her. Lex’s been good to him, too. Only a jerk would try to break them up, and I’m no jerk. 

But dammit, I want her.


Cruiser was a bit frustrating at times. Lex was annoying at times, but she is also a teenager so...I don't know. it was a bit too much drama for me and too much wishy washy emotions.

Cruiser, Rey, and Lex have always been best friends. Lex has always been closer to Cruiser, but then there was an accident involving Lex's sister that leaves the sister in a wheelchair and Lex blames Cruiser. Since Lex shut him out, and he is the "bad" son, he goes away for a bit. When he comes back Lex and Rey are an item, and Cruiser tries not to do anything to break them up. Cruiser has always been the one to take the blame for everything, helping his twin, Rey, not get in trouble. Rey is the perfect son, the one who does everything right. Cruiser thinks Rey and Lex are in love, so he tries to stay out of it even though it kills him to see them together.

Lex is ridiculous when it comes to Cruiser. When you find out what really happened the night of the accident it is just like wait what? Lex blames Cruiser so I just assumed he was driving the car that hit Rosie, Lex's sister. Nope. It was just....Lex cannot handle that she is to blame as well so she just lashes out at Cruiser for no reason. When she sees Cruiser in her house talking with Rosie she loses it! She is so nasty to him, so hurtful, so ridiculous I didn't get it. She the same time she still has feelings for him. It was just not written in a way that I enjoyed, it just made me annoyed with Lex.

Lex also doesn't seem to be really happy with Rey. Sure she loves him, he was there for her after the accident and after Cruiser left, but there is not the passion and desire like there is for Cruiser. Once Cruiser comes back Lex realizes that things with Rey really aren't working. Does she do something about this? Well not really, other than blame herself for him not wanting to hang out, or make out, or spend time with her. She should be more supportive of all of his activities and things he does instead of spending time with her. I just...obviously she wasn't in love with him, and he wasn't in love with her. They didn't work like that, and Rey didn't really make an effort to be there for Lex so it was just like when is this going to be over already? Obviously she likes Cruiser, obviously Rey knows this, but he wants to keep her because Cruiser wants her. It was just...

I didn't like Rey much in this book either. He is supposed to be the perfect son, but he just lets Cruiser take the blame for things he does. He is so weak and cowardly it was just a put off. Cruiser on the other hand I really enjoyed. I wanted him to be happy and get what he wanted. I wanted him to have everything, especially since he had a terrible home life. His parents were never there for him, he had Lex but then she blames him for something that isn't his fault and pulls away, so the only one he has left is Rey, who just is not that great of a brother to him. Cruiser seemed like a great guy. Sure, everything didn't come as easily to him as it did to Rey, but he wasn't stupid. He had different desires and needs and his parents just wanted him to be a second Rey, which doesn't work. Without liking Cruiser as much as I did I would not have enjoyed this book. I am glad he figures out a way to make everything work. I am glad he finally calls Lex out on her ridiculous anger toward him and the way she treats him. I am glad he got his happy ending.

Rating: ★ ★1/2

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