Her Best Friends Brother by T.J. Dell

Her Best Friend's Brother


Libby has been in love with Tony Marchetti since she was seven years old. The problem? Tony is her best friend's older brother. Lately Tony has started looking at her in a new way and he emails her all the time. Could it be possible that he is starting to see her as more than his kid sister's best friend? 

Tony knows Libby McKay is off limits. She's his sister's best friend for crying out loud! But she is also smart, funny, and seriously hot. Plus she's not afraid to get a little sweaty-- on the track that is. Tony can't seem to help himself, besides what's a few emails? The occasional phone call? He can keep things light and friendly-- Can't he?


Phew, Her Best Friends Brother was a frustrating read. If Tony and Libby could have just talked there wouldn't be a story. If Tony wouldn't be so stupid there wouldn't be a story. It was just a bit much at times and you just are like oh come on! Just say something already! What is wrong with you two?!?!?!

Libby has been in love with Tony since she was seven. Tony is her best friends brother and she doesn't think there is a chance there. Tony has always liked Libby, but at first it is all she is too young (he is a few years older than her). Then once she is of age he is all now she needs some life experience before I make my move. Yeah...then it is she is going away to school for a year so he is all okay...then something else and something else and many misunderstandings and both of them being idiots until finally they figure it out and end up together. It was just so frustrating. The whole book is just the two of them not actually talking, though they keep saying how it is so easy for them to talk about everything! Ahh! I just wanted Tony to step up and actually say something! Then Libby does make a move Tony is so stupid and pushes her away! Then it is forever he doesn't like me, she doesn't like me, I like him, I like her, they don't like me, angst, drama, lame, lame, lame. It just got to be a bit much for me.

This book spans a number of years, which if the story would have been a bot different wouldn't have been too bad. If Libby actually had other relationships with guys instead of just obsessing over Tony, who she is sure doesn't like her. If Tony wouldn't have been so idiotic and finding reason after reason not to say anything to Libby. If they would have lives their lives, but still had each other there I could have dealt with it. As it was the constant will they, won't they got tiresome. By the time they actually did get together I didn't really care that much. It was more a finally, now I don't have to continue reading this annoying story.


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