Bet the House (Magnolia Bay Book 1) by Erika Marks

Bet the House (Magnolia Bay Book 1)


Willamena Dunn is having a lousy week. Not only is her baby sister about to marry into the family of Dunn-Right Preservation’s biggest professional rival, but the historic bungalow of her dreams has just been bought by the most infuriating (not to mention exceedingly handsome and notoriously wicked) man to ever hammer a nail in Magnolia Bay, Knox Loveless.
But when Knox offers her a wager she can’t refuse, a bet with the coveted bungalow as its prize, Willa is sure her bad luck might finally be turning around—until Knox surprises her with a passionate kiss, and suddenly all bets are off. 

Could this be just another one of Knox Loveless’ games, or will two rivals finally surrender to a long-simmering attraction and declare a truce once and for all?


Bet the House was an annoying read for me. I really didn't like Willa and found her to be incredibly self centered and selfish and she just was kind of terrible. I think it was supposed to be whimsical, but I hated her. Pretty much the entire book I was just like what is wrong with this girl? Is she seriously going to be this horrible to everyone the entire book?

Willa works for her parents preservation company. She is really serious about preserving historic landmarks in town and absolutely hates the Loveless' and their construction company. I mean her parents have battled in business before so of course she has to hate all of them. Unfortunately for Willa her sister Peaches is marrying into the Loveless family. How could she?!? Willa is not at all supportive of her sister and her marriage. She really is pretty horrible to her sister and is a nightmare to be around. I don't know how her sisters put up with it.

Knox is a Loveless, and he just purchased the little historic bungalow that Willa has always wanted. Knox and Willa go way back and they have always had this competitive relationship. They are always daring each other to do things and Willa is pretty sure she hates him (even if he is super attractive). They hate each other right? So when Knox makes a bet with her, winner gets the house, she readily agrees. So what she has to keep trying to shove some guy her sister doesn't even like at her. So what she is using her sister for a piece of property. The bet was Knox and Willa each pick out a date for the sister to the wedding and whoever picks the person she goes with wins. It is obvious the sister really liked the guy Knox picked, but Willa is determined to win and keeps trying to shove some other guy on her. Why not ruin a good thing when she could potentially win a house she wants? Who cares about the sister? I know it is probably supposed to be humorous, but it annoyed me.

Willa just annoyed me. Knox seemed like a good enough guy, but Willa is still stuck being a 2 year old. Yes Knox bets her and riles her up all the time, but he also seems like he is an adult having fun. Willa, on the other hand, comes off like a small child throwing hissy fits if she doesn't get her way. I didn't like her at all and don't know why anyone could stand to be around her. She is so high and mighty and whatever she wants is right, whatever anyone else wants is wrong. It was just too much for me. Yes everything worked out in the end, but I couldn't get over how terrible Willa was the entire rest of the book. Definitely not the book for me, though I would read another of the authors books to see how I enjoy it.

Rating: ★1/2

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