Sometimes I Think of You (Rogers Sextuplets Book 1) by T.J. Dell

Sometimes I Think of You (Rogers Sextuplets Book 1)


Max Crestfield is the first person Alena Rogers has ever met that doesn't see her as one of the famous Alphabet Babies. Being a sextuplet is both the most wonderful and the most difficult part of her life. 

For a little while when Alena meets Max she gets to leave that hard part of her life behind and just be a girl falling in love with a boy.
When Alena's lies catch up to her there's nothing she can say that will salvage her summer romance. 

But some summer loves don't fade away.


Sometimes I Think of You was a really sweet story. Alena is part of the famous sextuplets. While she loves her brothers and sisters (they also have a younger brother), she also likes her alone time. It doesn't seem like the others are bothered by the fame or always being together or anything like she is. She doesn't always like everyone knowing who she is from tv and whatnot. She doesn't love when people recognize her on the street and ask for photos and think they know her life and everything. It gets to be a bit too much for her, and she also likes some alone time without her siblings. When she meets Max she likes that he doesn't know her. She wants to keep him to herself for a little bit. She knows there is something special there with Max and she doesn't want her siblings to ruin it.

Max has trust issues. His biological dad lied to his mom and then left them both when he was younger. He still remembers this and can't tolerate anyone being untruthful. He makes some assumptions about Alena from what little she tells him that end up being wrong. Then when her sort of ex shows up Max just shuts down. I know Alena should have called Jared earlier and made 100% sure he knew they were broken up and whatnot, but I don't think it would have really changed anything. Jared went crazy so he still would have shown up all that is my girlfriend! and Max would have been upset.

So Max immediately leaves and Alena is sad and alone. Even though they only spent a few days together there was something there. When she goes to send in her college acceptance, she feels a little trapped going to the same school as her siblings. Her parents also bought a house for everyone to live in, but Alena wants something new. She wants to learn to be independent. She doesn't want to live and breathe with her siblings anymore. So she ends up at Max's school instead.

Of course Max won't really listen to Alena. Good thing she needs a tutor and he is the one assigned to her. You can see how they still have a connection even though Max doesn't want it. It was a great story. It seemed realistic to me. Alena never really gave up on Max, she never really moved on from him. I know she had issues with Jared and sure, she probably should have talked to campus police or something but I am not sure how much they would have actually done. I was always lead to believe that it is hard for the police to do anything to stalkers until the stalker actually harms someone. Also I can see where Alena wouldn't think it was that big of a deal. She had friends walking with her to and from everything and she can ignore his phone calls. I probably would have done the same in her situation when I first got to college. So it was realistic for me. Of course eventually everything works out and it is just so cute. I really enjoyed this story. I liked Alena and Max and I loved them together. I can't wait to read more from this author.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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