Roam (Roam #1) by Kimberly Stedronsky

Roam (Roam Series, Book One)


West Perry has spent his existence searching for- and finding- Roam Camden. In every lifetime that he has found her, he has set out to save her- and in turn, save our world. He has failed six times throughout history to protect her from an immortal evil. 

Now, in their last life together, seventeen-year-old Roam discovers a way to travel through time and try again, knowing she must save herself, the man that she loves... 

And the life of their unborn child.


Roam was a very frustrating read for me. The character Roam was very annoying to me and I felt like nothing was really developed so I didn't care about what happened to anyone. I just...everything was too fast and Roam was too wishy washy and not very smart. Some slight spoilers ahead (even though it is obvious from the start how everything will turn out).

So Roam....she was so annoying to me! One minute she is fine with everything, the next she is super hurt and angry, the next she is fine again, the next not so much, and on and on. I didn't get her. She was just all over the place! That and the book kept telling me how smart she is but man was she stupid! Sure she can study and does well at school, but that is just book smarts. She is not other smarts at all. She never can figure out what she feels, and when she does she changes her mind two seconds later and she just does whatever. So West the only one that knows what is going on with Roam. The only one. So what does Roam do? Just leaves things out when talking to him. I mean he is trying to save her from the bad guy so why does he need to know important details? He doesn't. Much better to keep things from him so he can't help you. Much better. Does she want to get killed again? It kind of seemed like she just didn't care, or was too stupid to realize West is her only hope of figuring this out. Annoying.

Then the main focus of the book I felt like was who should she be with, Logan or West? It was just...Logan I didn't really ever get to know. I wish we would have, I wish he would have been developed more so I would have cared what she chose. As it was we see them get together for no real reason except Roam doesn't want to lose her best friend. Fine, but I don't see the connection between them so...then West is introduced and instantly Roam is conflicted. What should she do? West shows up, is instantly attracted to him, then suddenly afraid of him, then okay with him, etc. Ugh. So yeah, West knows what is going on, but man is he sloppy. He said he was going to wait to bring her into all of this gradually over time, but what does he do? Accidentally touches her right away. Good job West. Way to just instantly keep moving the story along.

I didn't really see the connection between Roam and West either, besides a physical attraction. Roam keeps cheating on Logan with West, but then is still conflicted. Sorry honey, but what is the issue? What are you really conflicted about? You obviously want to be with West so...well this is where everything not moving at lightning speed and development would have been helpful. If I would have cared about the characters more I would have cared more what happened, cared who she ended up with. As it was I didn't really. Though I will say the first sex scene with not good! He is how old, has slept with how many people, and he is that inattentive and uncaring about her needs? It was like he is a 15 year old boy who has never done this before and is fumbling his way through it. Not good. Not good at all.

So the main conflict seemed to be Logan or West, even though it is obvious from the start who it will be. There is a bad guy trying to kill her, but he didn't really seem that bad. It seemed like it would be pretty easy to catch him if everyone worked together. Roam was just so annoying in this book. It felt like she is soooo smart if she would just stop being so lame and stupid and think for a second she could come up with a great plan to defeat the bad guy. He didn't really seem to do that much and I didn't understand why he didn't try to kill her more often. Well then we wouldn't get to see Roam and West sleep together.

Oh and when Roam finds out what really happened with West and her soul in the time they are going back to and she freaks out it was so ridiculous! She says that the reason she chose to be with West and not Logan is that West is incapable of wanting to kill her, but Logan is. He might not want to right now, but he has in other lives was just...that is one of the worst reason to choose to be with someone. Not I love them more, I need them, or even I like them more, no I don't think he is capable of killing me. Okay... He told you the story of your soul at that time and well...everyone can be pushed too far, especially if they are on drugs. Everyone is capable of hurting you, and obviously past souls can be very different from current ones. It just didn't like that explanation for why she was with West. It bugged me. I would hope for something more romantic, or really just something having to do with her feelings for the two guys. Oh well.

Overall I didn't enjoy this book. Roam annoyed me to no end, I did not like her at all, and I didn't really feel like I got to know either of the guys. The whole love triangle thing didn't work for me. She obviously liked West more than Logan so there was no contest. She kept cheating on Logan with West which didn't make me like her any more. I will not be reading any more of this story as I disliked Roam that much.


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