Because of Low (Sea Breeze #2) by Abbi Glines

Because of Low (Sea Breeze Book 2)


It’s steamy in the Gulf town of Sea Breeze. Physical attraction is the only way to beat the heat in this start to a series from bestselling, previously self-published author Abbi Glines.

Playboy Cage owns the apartment, and he hosts a revolving door of people, in and out, at all times. Most of them are long-legged hot girls who are never there more than a night or two. When Cage’s new roommate, Marcus, enters the picture, he’s just looking to nurse a broken heart. But there’s one particular semi-frequent regular who catches his eye.

Willow—“Low”—is the one Cage wants to marry. But the two of them are night and day, and Marcus can’t see how Low puts up with all of Cage’s womanizing. What she really needs is a real good-looking and sensible Marcus. But that’s going to get real complicated and real messy—real fast.


I saw Because of Low on my Kindle and decided to re-read it as it has been a while. I didn't really remember what happened in it so it was like reading it again for the first time. I really enjoyed it. I liked Marcus in Breathe so I wanted to read his story again. So sweet. I am glad he found someone after crushing on Sadie so hard in Breathe.

Marcus was away at college, but had to return home to help deal with some family drama. His dad has been cheating on his mom with his secretary and his mom and sister are not handling it very well. He needs to be there for them and help them through this. He rents a room with Cage, his friend, and is trying to take some classes online.

Low and Cage have always been close. He is who Low goes to when she has a problem. Cage is always there for her no matter what. Whatever he is doing he drops when she calls. She can always count on him. When she shows up at Cage's place one night, while Cage is out, Marcus is instantly intrigued by Low. Low has family issues, has always had family issues and she has had to learn to deal with them long ago. Her sister is a nightmare and she has to watch her niece all the time (not that she minds, but she does have class and work to consider). Her sister doesn't really seem to care about her daughter too much which is just sad.

Cage warns Marcus not to mess with Low. Low is his, he is going to marry her one day. Well...Marcus just can't sit by and watch Cage sleep is way through girls while expecting Low to wait for him. He grows closer to her and they hang out more and more and he falls for her and she him. She never expected to marry Cage. She just isn't that way with him.

Of course we can't just have them ride off into the sunset, there has to be some drama. Marcus and Low were so sweet together that it was so sad when they were having issues. Low doesn't trust easily and everyone is always leaving her. She trusted Marcus, so when they have issues she doesn't deal with it very well. I am glad this is a stand alone for his story so I didn't have to wait to see the happily ever after. I loved Low and Marcus, loved them together, and loved this story. I am glad I read it again as it was really a great read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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