The Stranger Beside You by William Casey Moreton

The Stranger Beside You (A Thriller)


How well do you really know the person in bed beside you?

Brynn Nelson is living the American dream. She has a nice home in the suburbs, a husband working on Wall Street, and two fabulous kids. But when the FBI rings the doorbell at midnight, storming her home and arresting her husband Tom for murder, her peaceful world is shattered.

When Tom is killed under mysterious circumstances within hours of his arrest,

Brynn finds herself following a trail of cryptic clues planted by Tom himself. Soon it's clear that her husband was leading a secret life, and now those same secrets threaten to kill her next.


The Stranger Beside You started off really good, but once you started to find out what was happening and why it was just a bit much for me. It didn't really seem like something someone would do, especially not the characters I saw in the book. It was just a bit unrealistic for me and it made the book not as good as it was before you learned all the details.

The book opens with the FBI coming to arrest Brynn's husband Tom in the middle of the night. Brynn is certain he didn't kill someone like they said, that it is all a big misunderstanding, but things just keep going from bad to worse. Tom is killed, the last time she saw him he told her some odd passage from something that just sounded like nonsense to her. That is the start of the big mystery, the start of the trail of breadcrumbs Tom left for her to follow to figure out what is happening to him.

Brynn, after finding out Tom was killed, is obviously upset. She is angry with the FBI for letting this happen, and she wants answers. Unfortunately the answers she gets from them lead to more heartache for her. She doesn't know what to do or what to think of the man she has lived with for years. How can he be someone she doesn't even know? What did he get himself into? Why didn't he ever say anything to her if he was in trouble?

Brynn's two kids are staying with friends while Brynn tries to figure out what to do. When she finds out people are following her, watching her, and might have been watching for a while now she gets really tough and tries to keep moving forward and not dwell on what has happened. She needs to figure out what is going on and keep her kids safe. Up until she starts getting answers it was a lot of fun. I was eager to keep reading, to try and figure out what was happening. Then once you start finding out I just felt myself being like oh, that is what is going on. Okay. So yeah...somehow this guy is super duper smart and can outsmart the bad guys who have been doing this for many years. That and I didn't really understand why Tom got involved in the first place. It seems like a bit much, especially since the people he was helping end up being not very good friends to him anyways. It was was a bit much.

One thing I did like about the story was the way it was written. You get a few different points of view and I liked reading them. From the bad guys, to Brynn, to the old lady tied up in her own basement, they all came together to show what was going on. I liked the different points of view, especially the addition of the old lady. Overall though this is not going to be a re-read for me since I was just disappointed in the end. It had such promise, I just didn't like what was actually happening. I wanted something more, something bigger for all of these secrets. A good book, but not great.

Rating: ★ ★1/2

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