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Blog Tour: Brooks (Benson Brothers #1) by Chelsea M Cameron

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Brooks Benson is bored, stuck and miserable. When both his parents were unable to continue running the variety store, he dropped out of college and came back home to help. It’s been almost two years and he’s tired of making pizzas and selling scratch tickets to the locals of Hope Harbor, Maine. But as the second oldest Benson brother, he’s the one that stepped up. Now all he can see is a gray future in front of him.

Remington “Remi” Tate is disappointed, frustrated and out of options. After dropping out of college and trying to make a go of it in New York, she’s forced to come back home to live with her parents in Hope Harbor. Totally humiliating. Things are looking pretty grim until she starts baking again and runs into Brooks when she visits Benson Variety to ask if they’ll sell her whoopie pies, cakes, and cookies.

What was once a high school crush is now something much more mature that hits both of them like a ton of bricks. Brooks is game, as long as they keep things physical. which is just fine with Remi. She’s not planning on sticking around Hope Harbor forever and Brooks is definitely a lifer. They’re just two different to ever build something that could last.

Life rarely goes according to plan and what starts as just sex soon turns into something that splashes color into their once-drab lives. For the first time, they find peace and security in one another. But will it last? Or will everything crumble into pieces, leaving them with nothing?


Brooks was a cute, quick read. A story of two people stuck in a small town for various reasons. Two people who had previously gotten out, but were now back. It was sweet. 

Brooks was working on a masters degree when some family issues caused him to give it all up and come home to run the family store. Not that he was happy with what he was doing, but now his life is just he same thing day after day. He lives with his parents, he sees the same people buying the same things, he is not very happy, but he doesn't know what he really wants either. Plus he wouldn't go back and do anything different. He has a very strong sense of family and will always do whatever he can to help if they need it. 

Remington never fit in in Hope Harbor. She let as soon as she could to go to school and get a job in New York City. Only one thing after another happens and she has to move back home. To her mom who is always telling her what she should do and how she should be different. To a town where she doesn't feel comfortable and she is just counting down the days until she can leave again. She has to get out or she will suffocate. At first I thought Remington and I could be twins. We both grew up in a small town, both disliked it and didn't fit in, both like dying our hair fun colors, both don't seem to care what others think. Only Remi does. She puts up a good act, but people hurt her so she tries to keep everyone at a distance. She is only back home temporarily and doesn't want any attachments. 

Remington and Brooks went to high school together and neither was ready for the other to walk back into their lives. Remi does not like Brooks, does not like who he was in high school, so she especially is not happy to be seeing him all over town. When they start working together, Remi selling her baked goods in Brook's store, it was fun. She is definitely prickly, but Brooks is so sweet and kind and wants the best for her. They fall into a quick camaraderie and I loved reading it. Sure Remi has a bit of tunnel vision and is a bit frustrating at times, but I get it. I understood why she tried to keep Brooks at arms length and not let him make her want to stay. 

They both push each other to do what makes them happy and really support each other which I loved. Brooks love art, but never wanted to try and make money from it, until Remington starts talking about how he could and not ruin it. And Remi realizes that she loves baking and making treats for people and Brooks supports her 100%. It was a fun, quick read and I really enjoyed it. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2


Of course, because this was a small damn town and everyone couldn’t keep their traps shut, my mom found out that I’d talked to Brooks and wouldn’t shut up about how good-looking he was and how he’d come back from college to help his family and how wonderful he was and how great he would be to sire offspring. I had to listen, because she always talked to me when I was doing something else and couldn’t escape.

So he was good-looking. All those Benson kids were, for some reason. Good genes, probably. That didn’t mean anything. He was a total asshole. I couldn’t stand him and I was going to do whatever I could to avoid him as much as possible. I’d have to see him at least a few times a week when I dropped off new treats and settled up with him, but that was it. My mom had gotten it into her head that she wanted Brooks Benson as a son-in- law and wouldn’t stop telling me I should “make an effort” with him.


“Well, it’s not every day a cute girl hugs me out of the blue, so I’ll count today in the win column,” I said. She looked down at her shoes and laughed just a little.

“Yeah, well, it’s not every day that I throw myself at people.” She cleared her throat and I offered to carry the boxes in for her again. She agreed, then she went through the ritual of setting everything up. I got the numbers together for her and counted out what she’d earned.

Her eyes got big as I handed the cash over.

“Are you sure this is the right amount?’ I counted it again and she scanned the numbers.

“To the cent,” I said, pointing to the change in her hand that I’d passed over.

“Wow,” she said before she folded up the money and shoved it in her back pocket.

“Sooo, I’ll see you on Tuesday?” she said.

“Better make it Monday. I sold out on Friday and didn’t have any left, so you might want to either make more so I can restock for you, or come more often. It’s up to you.” She thought about that for a minute, chewing on her lip.

“I guess I can come on Monday. And I’ll bring more. My mom is going to LOVE me monopolizing the kitchen for the entire weekend.” I opened my mouth to tell her she was welcome at the Benson house, but I didn’t know how she would take that, so I kept my mouth shut. Then I had another idea.

“You could come here. I have a regular oven in addition to the pizza oven in the back,” I said, pointing with my thumb. “You could bring your ingredients and store them. Baking it here would make the store smell amazing, plus you could sell them yourself. I’m not sure I did a very good job.” Her eyes narrowed as if she was looking for how this could be a trap.

About the Author:

Chelsea M. Cameron is a New York Times/USA Today Best Selling author from Maine. Lover of things random and ridiculous, Jane Austen/Charlotte and Emily Bronte Fangirl, red velvet cake enthusiast, obsessive tea drinker, vegetarian, former cheerleader and world's worst video gamer. When not writing, she enjoys watching infomercials, singing in the car, tweeting (this one time, she was tweeted by Neil Gaiman) and playing fetch with her cat, Sassenach. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine, Orono that she promptly abandoned to write about the people in her own head. More often than not, these people turn out to be just as weird as she is.

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Release Day: Brooks (Benson Brothers #1) by Chelsea M. Cameron

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Brooks Benson is bored, stuck and miserable. When both his parents were unable to continue running the variety store, he dropped out of college and came back home to help. It’s been almost two years and he’s tired of making pizzas and selling scratch tickets to the locals of Hope Harbor, Maine. But as the second oldest Benson brother, he’s the one that stepped up. Now all he can see is a gray future in front of him.

Remington “Remi” Tate is disappointed, frustrated and out of options. After dropping out of college and trying to make a go of it in New York, she’s forced to come back home to live with her parents in Hope Harbor. Totally humiliating. Things are looking pretty grim until she starts baking again and runs into Brooks when she visits Benson Variety to ask if they’ll sell her whoopie pies, cakes, and cookies.

What was once a high school crush is now something much more mature that hits both of them like a ton of bricks. Brooks is game, as long as they keep things physical. which is just fine with Remi. She’s not planning on sticking around Hope Harbor forever and Brooks is definitely a lifer. They’re just two different to ever build something that could last.

Life rarely goes according to plan and what starts as just sex soon turns into something that splashes color into their once-drab lives. For the first time, they find peace and security in one another. But will it last? Or will everything crumble into pieces, leaving them with nothing?


The screen inner door banged open and I looked up, hoping no one was staring at the girl with the purple hair and the Tupperware container she had balanced in her hands.

Fortunately, the place was empty.

Except for one person.

Brooks Goddamn Benson. Goddamn wasn’t his middle name, but it might as well have been. We’d graduated the same year, but we’d never been friends. Not even close. What was he doing here, anyway? Last I heard he was off earning a master’s degree, in a land far, far away from Hope Harbor.

He looked up and I locked eyes with him. Mine narrowed and he just sort of… kept staring.

Brooks was one of those guys who looked at you like he might be picturing you naked.

He cleared his throat. Not my type. Not at all

He scratched his ear. “What can I do for you?” I thought about just turning around and walking out, but I’d already come this far and if he was back in town too, I was probably going to keep running into him.

“I was just wondering if you’d be willing to sell some of my baked goods here on commission. But I haven’t had any luck, so I’ll just leave,” I said, but he was looking down at the container.

“Did you bring some samples?” he asked. I set the container down, crossed my arms and nodded. I didn’t want this dude eating anything I’d put effort into, but if it would help me get away from my parents’ house, fuck it. I’d do it.

“Yeah. So you can judge their quality.” I didn’t mean to sound so sarcastic. I was really blowing this. I needed better people skills.

“Do you mind?” Hey, at least he asked. I nodded again and he opened the container. I stood there as he tried each item.

“Wow,” he said when he got to the cupcake. “That’s amazing. Where did you learn how to bake?” I was not making small talk with him.

“My mom,” I said. He finished the whole thing in three bites. There was some frosting on his nose. I wanted to wipe it off for some reason. Thankfully I caught myself and forced myself to stop looking at his face.

About the Author:

Chelsea M. Cameron is a New York Times/USA Today Best Selling author from Maine. Lover of things random and ridiculous, Jane Austen/Charlotte and Emily Bronte Fangirl, red velvet cake enthusiast, obsessive tea drinker, vegetarian, former cheerleader and world's worst video gamer. When not writing, she enjoys watching infomercials, singing in the car, tweeting (this one time, she was tweeted by Neil Gaiman) and playing fetch with her cat, Sassenach. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine, Orono that she promptly abandoned to write about the people in her own head. More often than not, these people turn out to be just as weird as she is.

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Something Wild (Reckless & Real #0.5) by Lexi Ryan

Something Wild
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**Author’s Note: This is the prequel to the full-length romance novel SOMETHING RECKLESS, available now!**

“You need a good guy. A long-term guy. One who does dates and romance and emotional strings…I’m just an asshole who wants to tie you up, make you come, and walk away.” 

Samuel Bradshaw is a man with a reputation—the kind of reputation that should have me running the other way. Instead, it has me searching for the shortest distance to his bed. I won’t be the starry-eyed girl who thinks she can change a man like Sam, and despite what he thinks, forever is not what I need. I need the things he makes me feel, the way he turns me on, and the promise of pleasure in his eyes. I need SOMETHING WILD.


Something Wild is a prequel to the Reckless & Real series. This is my first introduction to this author and phew - it was hot! 

Liz and Sam are friends who both like the other as more. Only Liz has been denying it forever since she was underage when she first threw herself at Sam, and he being the good guy that he is, turned her down. Now she offers him one night of pleasure to try and help him with whatever is bothering him. She can see that something is wrong, but she doesn't know what. 

Sam has his world rocked and is trying to figure out what to do now. Only Liz is offering herself up to him and he wants her. He has always wanted her, but could never have her. Plus now he can only offer her one night. One amazing night and that is all they have. Ah, these two were fun to read even if they both keep their feelings to themselves. There is so much unsaid between them and for how short this is there is still some drama, but I can't wait to read more. I need to see what happens between that night and a few years later! These two are obviously great together so I can't wait to see them work everything out. It will be fun. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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Intertwine (House of Oak #1) by Nichole Van

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Time is not a river. It is a vast cosmic sea. Where each life exists as rippling circles on its surface, past and future being eternally present. And occasionally, one expanding ring intertwines with that of another, weaving the lives of two people together...

In 2012, Emme Wilde can’t find the right guy. She wants to feel that swept-off-your-feet dizziness of true love. But so far, her dating life has come up short. Star Trek geek? Nice but too serious. Hippy artist? Cute but too vulnerable. Instead, Emme obsesses over the portrait of an unknown man in an old locket. Granted, a seriously dreamy guy with delicious, wind-swept hair she just itches to run her fingers through. But still. Dead men may be great listeners, but they are not exactly boyfriend material. Emme travels to England, determined to uncover his history and conquer the strong connection she feels.

In 1812, James Knight has given up finding the right woman. All he wants is someone to share his love of adventure. Instead, his life has become a Shakespearean drama. His brother languishes in a tragic star-crossed romance. His beloved sister clings to life, slowly dying of consumption. But then he finds a beautiful mystery woman, dripping wet and half-dead, beneath a tree on his estate. Now if he can uncover her history, perhaps adventure—and romance—will find him at last. 


Intertwine was a great read. I loved the writing style even if I didn't necessarily love what was written if that makes any sense. I was drawn in with the language and structure of the story, but the beginning did drag on a bit. It was definitely a slow start to a great story. 

Emme finds a locket at an estate sale and is drawn to the guy who's photo is in it. There is an inscription on the locket, but no actual names. The only things she has to go on is "F". She is kind of obsessed with the locket, it has ruined some relationships in the past, and that was kind of odd. She spend years thinking about who the guy could be and finally decides she needs to try and move on. To put this behind her. In order to do so she is going to find out everything she can about the owner, the guy in the locket, and hopefully that will help her move on. She goes to England to stay near where she thinks the man lived and see what she finds. I should also note that she has a very adventurous travel life, even if she doesn't necessarily want it to be so. Things just happen when she is traveling, like getting attacked by pirates and luggages mishaps and everything that could happen does. It was fun. 

James longs for adventure. He is in 1812 and must stay on his estate and help his sister who is ill. He wants to go travel the world, but he can't. He wants to be there for his sister as well and unfortunately she needs him. 

"Perhaps not all of him wished for change. His head and most of his left hand did seem generally free of wanderlust. Perhaps his elbow too. But both his feet and his heart - yes, most definitely his heart - itched for adventure."
He thinks nothing exciting will ever happen to him, even though he desperately wants it to, until he find a lady half dead in a horrible storm on his estate. Of course this lady is Emme, and James cares for her while she is unconscious. He is drawn to her, but when they find her locket with a picture of a guy who looks remarkably like him, though with the name that starts with F, he knows she might be spoken for already. 

This story was fun. When Emme wakes up she can't remember who she is or anything about herself. She just has to continue living and trying to figure out what is going on. Who is F? Does she have a love somewhere who is searching for her? Or can she give into her growing feelings for James? It was really a lot of fun to read. Some of the scenes were just hilarious. Like when she makes up her backstory with Princess Pepsi of Toyota Camry and so on. What a hoot! She is always doing things that are not quite correct, like offering to shake someones hand, but can't seem to remember the correct way to curtsy and such. It is all a big mystery and fun times. I loved watching her and James grow closer and try and figure out who she really is.

Now overall I did really enjoy the story. As I said the beginning dragged a bit, but I loved the writing so much I didn't mind too much. There was one thing that really bugged me though and that was when Emme awoke and didn't know who she was they had to come up with a name to call her. They went through a few E names (since the locket was addressed to E and they all assume that is her), and settle on Emma since she feels that is close to her real name. Fine, no problem there. The issue? Well when the story was focused on her, when it was her thoughts and feelings, she is referred to as Emme. When someone else is the focus it is Emma. I kept thinking that she got her memory back as it doesn't make any sense for her to be Emme when she doesn't remember she is Emme! Honestly when she woke up I thought she was kidding about the loss of memory because of this. It was confusing and I don't understand. If she is Emma she should be Emma. A little thing, but it kept bothering me throughout the story. Still a really great read and I can't wait to read more!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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Before That Night: Cain and Addison Book 1 (Unfinished Love #1) by Violet Duke

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Before that night, Addison Millan had been just a college dropout secretly raising her two young siblings in a beat-up minivan she’d bought with her first semester’s tuition refund—the only money her addict mother hadn’t taken off with when she’d abandoned them the year prior.

Before that night, Caine Spencer had been just a rough, gruff cop sent to check out the phoned-in claims of suspected child neglect involving the same woman he’d met a month ago when she’d first served him the city’s worst diner coffee...which he’d been drinking daily ever since.

Before that night, Addison would never have thought the man she’d been fighting hard not to fall for—her only friend in her new shadow of a life—would be in a position to rip her family apart.

Before that night, Caine would never have believed any woman could make him fall head over heels, let alone make him feel so damn compelled to look the other way when it came to his job.

Then that one perfect night changed everything.

BEFORE THAT NIGHT (Book 1) chronicles the destiny-altering events that take place seven years prior to EVERY NIGHT WITHOUT YOU (Book 2), Caine & Addison’s emotional story of love, sacrifice, and the lengths one will run—and chase—when their past threatens their future.


Before That Night is part one of the story of Addison and Cain. I knew going in that this was the before story, what happened seven years before the events of the next book. As such I knew it would end without a happily ever after, but gah! I want to read more right now! I can't wait to see what happens next. 
This story was an interesting read in that it read as though someone was telling you a story and not that you are in the story. Like you are told what people are thinking and feeling like they are telling you what happened in the past. It was interesting and not always my favorite way to tell a story, but in this instance it worked. 
Addison has not had an easy life. Her mom is not there and so she has  been in charge of raising her two siblings all by herself. She is young, but determined to keep them all together. When her mom runs off she has to give up going to school so she can get a job and try and make a home for her brother and sister. She would do anything for them and she works really hard to try and save up enough money to get an actual place to live. Plus she is biding her time until she can try to get full custody of her siblings. 
Cain is a police officer who comes into the diner where Addison works every night for dinner. At first she is pretty skittish, but slowly the two start to get closer. Addison is not very experienced with guys as she has never had time,  but Cain is so sweet with her. He knows she is hesitant and tries not to scare her away. He also cares about her siblings as much as she does. Oh he was wonderful. He was great with all of them and wants to become a real family. Oh so sweet! So I kept reading thinking what in the world will happen to change all this awesomeness?? 
Now overall I did really enjoy this story, but it did have a few moments where it felt a bit off for me. Mainly having to do with how much time has passed. I could never tell and sometimes there was an event that would be referred to that hadn't happened yet, but then the next thing you know something else is going on and it was a bit confusing. Like Cain made plans to take Addison's siblings for the day, getting breakfast and going to the movies. It was a big deal when they were talking about it, but then next thing Cain is working to try and find a missing kid and the sibling date was never mentioned again. Did they go to the movies together? Did Addison get a day alone? It felt like an important event, and yet it wasn't followed up with. And I couldn't tell if when Cain was working to catch the kid if it was the next day, the next week, the next month. Honestly I have no idea over how long a timeframe this story takes place. That was the one thing that kept me from giving this story a higher rating. 
Overall I did really enjoy this story. It was an entertaining read and I can't wait to see what happens next!
Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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The Aftermath (Hurricane #2) by R. J. Prescott

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When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. But what happens when you have everything you ever wanted? You fight to keep it.

Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell’s star is on the rise. Billed as the most promising young boxer of his generation, his new career is taking him to places he never dreamed. But O’Connell only needs one thing in life: his wife. In her final year of college, Em cannot follow him around the world but together they make it work.

Just when everything they ever wanted is on the horizon, the past resurfaces to haunt them and O’Connell realizes that justice might not be a part of his happy ever after. 

He couldn’t protect Em once before, but in the aftermath of the hurricane, he will make sure that never happens again. 


The Aftermath was a fun read. I really enjoyed the first book so it was nice to get to spend a little more time with these characters. Please note you should have read The Hurricane prior to reading this book. It is a continuation of the same story. 

In this book we are told the story solely from Con's point of view. He is married to Em and things are going great, though her step-dad's trial is coming up and adding more pressure on her. Con is definitely the kind of guy who wants to fix Em's problems for her so she doesn't have to face them, but that is not really possible here. She starts getting letters with photos of Frank's abuse and it just starts freaking her out. What will happen if he gets off? What will they do then? And if that happens will Con snap and go away instead? It was a rough time. 

Em is strong and even though Con knows this he still wants to fix everything for her. When he gets the chance to fight for the heavy-weight title he doesn't want to. He wants to put his life on hold so he can be there for her every step of the way with Frank's trial, though she won't let him. This fight is huge for him and she knows he can win it, knows he can do amazing things, and won't let him throw all that away just for her. She has a whole family now to look after her, all the boys from the gym, so she can survive this. 

Now the real issue is Con has a bit of an anger problem. He can't get what Frank did out of his head and he doesn't really know how to deal with it. He is afraid that he will get off and something will happen to Em again. That he won't be there to protect her like he should. He has a lot rolling around in his head and if he doesn't figure out how to deal with it, how to train without his anger and really focus, he might not be able to do everything he should. It was nice getting to see his point of view, get to know Con a bit better since it is all his thoughts. I did miss Em's point of view though, but it was still a good read. I enjoyed seeing these characters work through all of this stuff. All of these rough times where you really are kind of helpless. Where you have to just let things happen and hope for the best. Con and Em are still amazing together and I love how she pushes him to be his best self. How she doesn't let him just hide out and use her protection as a reason to not do things. It was a fun read. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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Against the Tide by Nikki Groom

Against the Tide
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I was happy until I met him. 
I was content until I met her. 
That's a lie. I was lonely. 
That's a lie. I was incomplete. 
He was nothing but a handsome distraction. 
She was nothing but a pretty pastime. 
That's untrue. He changed my life. 
That's untrue. She altered my world. 
I blame him. 
I blame her. 
I blame myself. He wasn't to know. 
I blame myself. It wasn't her fault. 
I don't want to need him.
I hate that I want her. 
There's no easy solution.
There's no going back. 


Against the Tide was just an okay read. I thought this would be the story of two people who have to overcome so much to be together, but while reading this I thought is this it? A bit disappointed in what the situation actually was and I never really felt like I knew the characters. I usually didn't understand their thoughts and actions and it was just an eh read for me.

Meg is in a relationship with a drug dealer. She thought she used to love him, but there hasn't really been anything between them in a long time. He still thinks she is his, but she is apathetic at best. He is gone for long periods of time and she doesn't really care. In fact she is happier when he is not there, and yet she won't do anything to change the situation. I am not entirely sure why she won't break it off with him, I know she had some weak excuse, but it never felt real.

Finn has a terminally ill mother and does everything he can to take care of her and his little sister. He goes to a club sometimes to blow off some steam and it is there where he first meets Meg. Only they don't really do much but lock eyes across the crowded room. They both want the other, but never do anything to act on it until one fateful night. They hook up in the back alley without really know anything about each other. They just...they just hook up. It was not so good. I don't mind random hook ups, but these two were just strange for me to read. I couldn't figure them out.

After their hookup some things happen that make Finn angry and he take his anger out on Meg. She has to have known what was going on, she has to be a bad person, whatever. Whenever he sees her at her work (a tattoo parlor) or anything he is kind of mean. And yet she still wants him for some reason. Then suddenly he does a 180 and realizes that he is being unfair to her and they should date and live happily ever after. There are some other circumstances that I didn't care for much and it was all a bit much. Of course the drug dealer is not happy that Meg wants to move on with someone else and he added a lot of lame drama for drama's sake. I was hoping for a gripping story, but instead I got characters that didn't feel real and a story that was a bit too much for me to believe.

Rating: ★1/2

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Priest (Priest #1) by Sierra Simone

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There are many rules a priest can't break. 
A priest cannot marry. A priest cannot abandon his flock. A priest cannot forsake his God.

I've always been good at following rules. 
Until she came. 
My name is Tyler Anselm Bell. I'm twenty-nine years old. Six months ago, I broke my vow of celibacy on the altar of my own church, and God help me, I would do it again. 
I am a priest and this is my confession.

***Priest is a standalone, full-length novel with an HEA.  For mature audiences only.***


Priest was an odd read for me. On the one hand it was really hot, which I loved! The author sure does know how to write some good sexy time scenes. Phew! But on the other hand the storyline just didn't work for me. I never believed Tyler was an actual priest. He didn't even really seem to have a relationship with God which was odd. I know a few times he would go on about it, or think about what God wants or whatever, but it never read as true. Like he was actually there for God. So I loved parts, but overall the story didn't work. 

Tyler is a priest. I'm not really sure why he is a priest to be honest. Something about his sister and her history with a priest, but that makes no sense why that meant he had to become one. And can I just say that becoming a priest is not something people just suddenly decide overnight and the next day they are a priest? That it takes time to do so. That you have to be really devoted to go through everything and dedicate your life to God. I grew up Catholic. I was around many family friends who are priests and nuns and everything. Even though I am not religious now I know what they were like. Tyler didn't seem like any kind of priest I have ever encountered. Like I said before he just didn't really seem to be very religious which was odd. Plus immediately he wants to fuck Poppy. He kind of feels bad about it, but he doesn't come across as that conflicted. Sure at times he says he is, but I didn't believe it. It didn't feel like a real struggle and if he is so devoted to God and being celibate it should be. It should be a struggle. He should be conflicted. He supposedly found the calling, but not really? It just didn't work. If he would have been anyone but a priest this book would have been great. When the main plot point doesn't feel real, the "taboo" element of your story, the whole point of the book, then your story is just not going to be that good overall. I expected Tyler to be a priest and instead I got some guy pretending to be one. 

Besides Tyler not acting/thinking/being like a believable priest I didn't understand Poppy either. She is a stripper at a high end club which is fine, but then she is very good at acting like she likes guys for money. I don't feel like I ever got to really see her as herself, only her as an actress. Even at the end I felt like I didn't know her at all. That her thing with Tyler was just an act. Like she knows what men want, knows what he wants, and plays the part for him. It didn't come across as this is who she is so it again didn't work. I didn't even believe that she really loved Tyler or even liked him, just that this is what she felt he wanted so she played the part. Why she needed to play the part for him I am not sure, but I don't feel like I ever really got to know her. 

This story does have a lot of hot sex in it which I did really enjoy. Honestly my rating is mostly for the sexy time. If it would have had a good storyline to back it up this would have been a great read. The author can write, just not this story. When your main plot points don't feel believable then the story doesn't work overall. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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Love and Always (A Pound of Flesh #1.5) by Sophie Jackson

Love and Always
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When prison tutor Kat Lane met arrogant inmate Wesley Carter in A Pound of Flesh, it was hate at first sight. Carter’s quick wit and reputation for being as dangerous as he was handsome kept her at a distance. But as they grew to know each other as teacher and student in the New York prison, Kat found there was much more to Carter than she thought.

In Love and Always, Kat and Carter’s story continues as they share the news of their engagement—which doesn’t go over well with Kat’s mother. On top of it all, Carter has a new role as CEO of WCS Communications, which adds more pressure to his new life outside prison. Trying to juggle family, a billion dollar business, and Carter’s best friend Max’s rehab stint doesn’t leave much time for the happy couple to enjoy each other. How will Kat and Carter handle the pressures of marriage, family, and work—and keep the passion alive through it all?


Love and Always is a short novella in Kat and Carter's story. It is really like an extended epilogue as it picks up right where their book left off. It was a cute, quick read and nice to get to see a bit more of these characters. 

The main focus of this short work is Kat and Carter's engagement. Carter is so cute and still a bit insecure. He still doesn't understand why Kat would choose to be with him as he doesn't think he is good enough. Yes, he has changed his ways, but he thinks she is so good, so much better than he is. I love him. I really enjoyed watching Kat and Carter fall in love so this extra time with them was fun. I want all the best for them and for them to be able to live happily ever after. If you enjoyed A Pound of Flesh then you will want to read this extra quick story.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Pound of Flesh (Pound of Flesh #1) by Sophie Jackson

A Pound of Flesh
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Lose your heart to your new bad boy book boyfriend. Wes Carter - sexy, edgy, behind bars, with emotional scars as permanent as the ink on his skin, just waiting to be healed by love...

Fans of Samantha Young, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Jamie McGuire, Katy Evans and Prison Break will find this powerful love story utterly addictive and unforgettable.

Their love is forbidden. But won't be denied... Can true love heal the deepest scars?

For Kat Lane, teaching inmates at a New York prison is her way of upholding the legacy of her beloved father, murdered fifteen years ago. But when new student Wes Carter walks into her classroom, she's shaken by the strength of her attraction to him. Carter is as handsome as he is dangerous, as mysterious as he is quick-witted - and he ensures people keep their distance. Yet vibrant Kat bypasses his defences and challenges him to reveal the real man behind the intimidating reputation. As their emotional barriers crumble, their inescapable but forbidden feelings cannot be ignored. But will Kat's discovery of Carter's role on the night her father died force them apart...or bind their hearts for ever?

A Pound of Flesh is a tale of loyalty, redemption and all-consuming love against the odds, introducing an irresistible bad boy hero...


A Pound of Flesh was such a good read. I wasn't expecting it to grab my attention from the first pages, but it did. I couldn't put it down once I started. Carter and Kat are so great together!

Kat teaches literature at a prison in New York. She has always wanted to do something to help people, to make a difference, and to try and get over her fears. When she was young her father was attacked while she was with him and beaten to death. She probably would have died as well if a boy hadn't dragged her away and saved her. She still has nightmares about that night, but she is hoping that working at the prison will help. She finds her work very rewarding and she loves it. If only her mother and best friend would stop getting on her case about it all the time. Her mom worries for her safety, but goes a bit overboard with it. 

Carter is a tough guy with an anger issue. You don't have to do much to set him off, but he is also incredibly intelligent and loyal. When he cares about you he really cares about you. He would do anything for you, though he doesn't have many people who would fit into that category. His home life growing up was horrible. Not in a usual way, but really destructive none the less. He doesn't have very many good experiences with family and love, but he is what he is. Or so he thinks. He is really hard on himself, knows he has messed up in the past, but doesn't really know what to do to fix it moving forward. He was so broken at times, but so strong as well. I really loved him. 

When Carter starts taking Kat's class to help with his parole neither of them were expecting the attraction that was there. They can't do anything about it, Kat has a non-fraternization policy that she signed. She could lose everything if she gives into her attraction, but it is hard. Especially once he is on the outside and no one is watching their lessons. 

I loved both of these characters. Kat sees the goodness in Carter when he can't. She knows what a kind, gentle, loving person he really is. She sees how life has not been kind to him and never judges him for his past. She just wants to move on with their future. She really helps Carter see more for himself and helps him get over some of his issues. She was wonderful. And Carter? Oh he is fierce when it comes to protecting her. He was just as amazing. I loved how he helped her bridge the gaps with her family, how he was so kind and caring with her. How he was just there and amazing. He was really vulnerable most of the time and it was really sweet to see. I loved him so much. I especially loved all the discussion about how your past doesn't define you. Just because you made some bad choices doesn't mean you have to keep doing so. He comes such a long way in this story and I loved every minute of it. 

Overall this story was really wonderful. I couldn't stop reading once I started. I loved that the author didn't add unnecessary drama just because. There were a few times I was worried it would go a different direction, or that some of the other characters would cause problems, but the author didn't go there. It was a really great story. I loved the characters and everything that happened. Carter and Kat were just so sweet together! 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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Faster We Burn (Fall & Rise #2) by Chelsea M. Cameron

Faster We Burn
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Katie Hallman is done with douchebags. Done with guys who treat her like crap and leave her broken. But then Stryker Grant is there anyway. With his numerous piercings and bleached hair, he’s the polar opposite of all of her past relationships, which makes him the perfect candidate.

At first, Katie just sees him as a physical escape from her previous rocky relationship, and Stryker doesn’t seem to mind just being a distraction from Katie’s problems. But soon he’s getting under her skin, peeling back layers she’d rather keep covered. She tries to make it clear that she doesn’t want a relationship, but keeps breaking her own rules.

Then a tragedy sends Katie into the only arms who are there to catch her, and she’ll realize that she needs him more than she ever thought possible. But is she ready to let herself trust another guy with her already-battered heart? Or will she push him away to protect herself from getting hurt again? 


Faster We Burn was a great read. I love the way the author deals with issues that come up along the way to happily ever after. Where some might invent drama just for the heck of it, this one has the characters be simply amazing and how I hope I would be if I were in similar situations. 

Katie is obsessed with pink, pretending to be perfectly fine, but really she is broken. If you read the first book in the series, Deeper We Fall, you might remember that Katie dated Zack throughout that story, Zan's super awful brother. Zack is not good new, not someone you would want to be with, but Katie can't seem to make smart decisions when it comes to him. She always thinks that he won't hurt her, things will be fine, it is okay she just has to finish this on her terms, etc. Through all of that she doesn't come out unscathed. 

Stryker knew there was something special about Katie when he first met her. He wanted her, but he doesn't know if he can give her what she deserves. When she wants a sex only relationship he is totally on board. Only things start changing, everyone starts feeling, and Katie in particular does not handle that well. She doesn't want to want Stryker as more than a physical release and she could be really mean when she wanted to. I loved that Stryker just rolled with the punches and was whatever Katie needed. He was so kind and supportive and this person that she can really trust and turn to whenever she needs something. He will always be there for her no questions asked. 

When Stryker does something that could have had Katie completely blow up on him they talked it out instead. It was a weird situation, but I loved that they were adults about everything. I was so happy to see these two characters fall for each other even though they both have issues. They are perfect together, but getting to that happily ever after is not easy. Katie is very standoffish and very much like no! This must only be physical even after it obviously was more than that. You could really feel her struggling with her demons and trying to fight them in the end. Such a great read and I am excited to read more from this author.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Blog Tour: All The Rage by T.M. Frazier

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They call me Rage.
My real name is like a shadow, always close behind, but never quite able to catch up.
I fly under the radar because no one ever suspects I’m capable of the kind of brutal violence I commit each and every day.
You see, I’m a girl. I’m nineteen.
And I'm a killer.
This life is all I know. It’s all I want to know. It keeps the s**t buried that I need kept buried. It allows me to live without thinking too much.
Without dwelling on the past.
Until him.
It all changes when an ordinary boy becomes my next target.
And my first love.
I have to choose.
The only life I’ve ever known has to die, or he does.
Either way, I’ll be the one pulling the trigger...

All the Rage is a STANDALONE.


I swear every book I read by this author just gets better and better. All The Rage is no exception. I was curious about Rage after reading Bear and Thia's story and she was so much more amazing that I ever thought. Such a unique character and I really enjoyed this story. I loved seeing the other storylines be tied in and ah! I can't wait for more!

Rage has never been "normal." She doesn't feel things like normal people do. She wouldn't even think to help someone in trouble unless it is one of the very very few people she cares about. Everyone else is just nothing to her. Or maybe exciting depending on what she gets to do to them. She was a fun one. She is a unremorseful killer and while she tried to pretend when she was younger she is now free. Free to be herself and who she is. A heartless killer wrapped up in an cute girls body. I love the whole idea really. I love that she doesn't usually feel things, but she does care about a few people. She is capable of it, but you have to be worth it. I love that she can get close to people because no one would suspect that she is as deadly as she is. I love how she still talks to her parents every day because, well she cares about them even if she doesn't want them to know what she is really doing. Plus she is a bit of germaphobe and hypochondriac. Fun times!

Nolan is a guy who was going to school on an ice hockey scholarship, but then his knee got messed up. He is also the guy Rage is supposed to be babysitting. Only things don't go exactly as planned. As soon as Nolan sees her he knows Rage is something else. He knows she is special and he wants to be with her. He was awesome! Rage is so experienced in a lot of things, but relationships is not one of them. She would get scared and try to run, but Nolan won't let her get far. I loved his possessiveness when it came to her. How she was his and she needs to get with the program and stop running from him. They were perfect together!! He pushed her just enough to get her to see how amazing they would be together. Sure she is scared as she has never felt what she is feeling with him, but he was so sweet. He doesn't care who or what she is, he just wants to be there for her. He knows her. He is probably the first person to ever really see her and get her. Amazing.

Now this is still a T.M. Frazier book so you know it is not all sunshine and roses. Things get a bit dicey at times as only she can write. But this was also one of the tamer books of her. It was nice to just have a "simple" story of these two not so simple people. They both have secrets, they both have things they are trying to hide, and when they come out it is not easy. But they also love each other and so how can they not be together? Such a great read.

*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

About the Author:

T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and three feisty fur kids.

She attended Florida Gulf Coast University where she specialized in public speaking. After years working in real estate and new home construction, she decided it was finally time to stop pushing her dreams to the back burner and pursue writing seriously. 

In the third grade she wrote her very first story about a lost hamster. It earned rave reviews from both her teacher and her parents.

It only took her twenty years to start the next one.

It will not be about hamsters.

Stalk Her:
WebsiteFacebookTwitterAmazon, and Goodreads

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Grin & Beard It (Winston Brothers #2) by Penny Reid

Penny Reid GABI Cover
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Sienna Diaz is everyone’s favorite “fat” funny lady. The movie studio executives can’t explain it, but her films are out-grossing all the fit and trim headliners and Hollywood’s most beautiful elite. The simple truth is, everyone loves plus-sized Sienna. 

But she has a problem, she can’t read maps and her sense of direction is almost as bad as her comedic timing is stellar. Therefore, when Sienna’s latest starring role takes her to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park she finds herself continually lost while trying to navigate the backroads of Green Valley, Tennessee. Much to her consternation, Sienna’s most frequent savior is a ridiculously handsome, charming, and cheeky Park Ranger by the name of Jethro Winston. 

Sienna is accustomed to high levels of man-handsome, so it’s not Jethro’s chiseled features or his perfect physique that make Sienna stutter. It’s his southern charm. And gentlemanly manners. And habit of looking at her too long and too often. 

Sienna has successfully navigated the labyrinth of Hollywood heart-throbs. But can she traverse the tenuous trails of Tennessee without losing her head? Or worse, her heart? 


Penny Reid does it again. She writes these characters that I fall in love with and so wish I knew in real life. I wish I could go hang out with the Winston Brothers and their crew. It would be so much fun being surrounded by such amazing people. Oh well, I suppose I will just have to be happy going into their world whenever I can. 

Grin & Beard It is the story of Jethro and Sienna. If you have read prior books in the series, or Beauty & The Mustache, then you already know Jethro a little bit. Boy am I glad I got to know him even more. He is definitely a new favorite character. He is so sweet and kind and caring and I love love loved him! I know he has a bad past, he is not proud of how he used to be or the things he did, but he has been trying to be better. Trying to fix his past mistakes. He realized what he was doing, how he was hurting other people and the destructive things he did. He still doesn't like that he has that past, but he owns up to it. He never once blames it on anyone else even though that would be easy to do. He was such an amazing person. A real gentleman. So kind and caring and considerate. I really loved him. 

And Sienna? Normally I don't care as much about the female characters as I do the males. Sure I like the girls as well, but they are usually not what sticks with me. They are usually not who makes the story for me. But Penny usually changes that. I just wish I knew so many of these female characters that she creates. I wish I could be friends with them in real life. I wish I knew Sienna in person. She was incredible. So funny and fun, kind and caring, strong and spectacular, just an amazing person. I loved how her mind worked. How she joked around and said such wonderfully strange things at times that really endeared me to her. Yes, she is a movie star and yes, that normally I don't like famous people in my stories, but I couldn't help but love her. She was just so sweet and kind and such a strong person. She was simply amazing.

Jethro and Sienna were so cute together. At first he doesn't know who she is, and really he doesn't even know any movie starts names so it is not a big deal to him. He just likes her and wants to see if they have what it takes to make it to forever together. Since he has been trying to be a better person he hasn't dated at all. No sex, no making out, no kissing, nothing until Sienna comes along. He doesn't want to lead anyone one, but right from the start he knows Sienna is different. That he could see himself with her in the future as long as that is what she wants. 

Oh that first part of the book where they both wanted each other, but couldn't be together because Jethro thinks she only wants a fling? I loved it! I loved that tension, that wanting a person but not being able to be with them, oh it was great. And Cletus? Jethro's brother? He was amazing! I loved him and can't wait for his story. I can't wait to get to know Cletus and his sausage (that scene in this story? If I had not loved Sienna already I would have been won over with that scene. She fits right into this fun, crazy group). I know Cletus will be all kinds of fun! He is also a great brother and friend to have. He tries to help Jethro and Sienna find their way as he is a good person (as long as you don't get on his bad side...). Fun times. 

I want to mention one of Jethro's other brothers as well - Billy. I never really thought much of him, but you get to know him a bit more and there was one scene with him that made me almost tear up. He is the one who has been having the hardest time forgiving Jethro for all that he has done on the past, but they start to mend some fences. He was really sweet and I can't wait to read his story either. I have a feeling I am going to fall in love with him as well. Oh these Winston brothers and their big hearts! 

So yes. This story was amazing. Fun and sweet and heartbreaking and wonderful. Jethro and Sienna are perfect together. It was heartbreaking to read at times as you are not sure if everything will work out, but definitely worth it in the end. Another fantastic read from the amazing Penny Reid.

*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


I don’t know why, but I inserted myself between Cletus and Jethro. “Tom, this is Jethro and Cletus

Winston. Cletus, Jethro, this is Tom Low.”

“Mr. Low,” Cletus said, not looking at him. “I enjoyed your film, The Wall Street Connection.”

“Thank you,” Tom responded, shaking each of their hands in turn. He scrutinized them both. Cletus kept his eyes on the grass, whereas Jethro met Tom’s gaze directly and gave him an easy smile, seemingly unaffected by the movie star’s presence.

Tom clearly noticed Jethro’s polite indifference to his star status. I watched with mounting trepidation as my costar affixed his narrowed glare on Jethro.

“Do you want an autograph?” he asked with forced graciousness. “I’m afraid I don’t have a pen.”

“That’s not necessary, sir.” Jethro waved off his offer with a friendly smile, but it was still obvious

Jethro had no idea who Tom was. Nor did he care.

Tom studied Jethro for a beat longer, dislike evident in his expression, then turned his attention to me.

“Sí-sí, I’m so sorry about Smash-Girl.” He clicked his teeth. “Do you know why they changed their minds?”

“Uh . . .” my eyes flickered to Jethro then back to Tom, “I think they’re looking for someone shorter.”

Tom’s gaze slid down then up my body and I sensed Jethro stiffen. The ranger took a step closer, shifting his weight to his foot behind me.

“Have you thought about asking the production staff for the low-carb option? Both Elon and I are

having our meals delivered to my trailer, and they’re honestly not bad. Well, not bad considering where we are.”

I gathered a deep breath for patience just as Jethro’s chest brushed against my back. I don’t know if he meant to do it, but it felt reassuring, as though he were silently communicating I’ve got your back.

“No,” I said, “I haven’t asked for the low-carb meals.”

Tom’s attention flickered to my boobs then back to my face. “You should. Just give it a try. Maybe they’ll reconsider you for Smash-Girl.”

Before I could respond with a subject change or an excuse to leave, Jethro asked with a hint of irritation, “How’s eating low-carb going to make Sienna shorter?”

Tom blinked once, his glare shifting to Jethro, the muscle at his jaw ticking. “I’ve been thinking of giving that look a try.” He lifted his chin toward Jethro. “Do you have any tips?”

Jethro’s chest pressed more fully against my back. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Where I’m from,” Tom tilted his head to the side, “they call your kind a hipster or a lumbersexual, with the beard and flannel and such.”

Without missing beat, Jethro responded, “Ah. See, where I’m from, they call my kind a man.” Jethro gently placed his hand on my upper arm. “And this here is a woman, and so is that.” He pointed at Elon.

“Ha ha, you’re funny.” Tom’s voice lacked humor, and his grin resembled an aggressive baring of teeth. “What do they call my kind? Movie star, right?”

“No, sir.”

“Well then what?”

“I’d tell you, but you wouldn’t like the word.”

About the Author:

Penny Reid is the USA Today Best Selling Author of the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. When she's not immersed in penning smart romances, Penny works in the biotech industry as a researcher. She's also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.
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Motherland by Jo McMillan

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'I hadn't expected the Berlin Wall to be clean and white and smooth. It looked more like the edge of the swimming baths than the edge of the Cold War. On the grass of No-man's Land, fat rabbits ate and strolled about as if they'd never been hunted and nothing could disturb them. This was their land and they ruled it, and there were three parts to Berlin: East, West and Rabbit.'

It is 1978, Jess is thirteen and she already has a reputation - as the daughter of the only communist in town. But then, it's in the blood. The Mitchells have been in the Party since the Party began. Jess and her mother Eleanor struggle to sell socialism to Tamworth - a sleepy Midlands town that just doesn't want to know.

So when Eleanor is invited to spend a summer teaching in East Germany, she and Jess leap at the chance to see what the future looks like. On the other side of the Iron Curtain they turn from villains into heroes. And when Eleanor meets widower Peter and his daughter, Martina, a new, more peaceful life seems possible.

But the Cold War has no time for love and soon the trouble starts. Peter is dispatched for two years of solidarity work in Laos. Friends become enemies, and Jess discovers how easy it is to switch sides, and how sides can be switched for you, sometimes without you even knowing.

Motherland is a tender mother-daughter story and a tragi-comic portrait of a childhood overcome with belief. It's about loss of faith and loss of innocence, and what it's like to grow up on the losing side of history.


Motherland was a bit of a dissapointment for me. I was really looking forward to reading a story about what East Berlin was like at the time, but this book spent hardly any time there. Eleanor did go over for the summer to teach, but you don't get to see much of that. It was really just a story about a mom who fell in love with a guy and they couldn't be together. It was not the best read as none of the characters except for the mom were flushed out at all. I really couldn't tell you much about the girl telling the story, Jess. I draw a blank when I think of her (and pretty much all of the other characters). 

One thing I did enjoy at the start was how Jess described things. It was in kind of a poetic way. A bit of a puzzle at times or really creative descritptions. The story started off great with Jess and her mom selling their paper on Sat morning and I though this is going to be great! I can't wait to see where this goes. Only it felt like it didn't really go anywhere. It was just snippets of stories of things that happened and most of the time they didn't feel that significant or were really important enough for a story. 

This is a hard one to write a review for as I read it a few days ago and now I'm trying to think of what happened in it and it is just blank. The mother is very devoted to the Party, at some point **spoiler alert** I think Jess gets disillusioned, but when I have no idea. It was just at the end she wasn't all into it anymore, but I never saw the progression. It didn't feel like there was much to the story so I don't have much to say about it. It was...just not my favorite read

Rating: ★ ★

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Scary, Lovesick, Foolish (Crazy, Sey, Ghoulish #2) by G.G. Andrews

Scary, Lovesick, Foolish
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It was a question he had to ask...

Brendan Forrester loves his girlfriend, Nora. Like can't-live-without-her, Gomez-to-her-Morticia-Addams loves her. But when he asks her for more, he can't help but notice the look of fear in her eyes. Then a ghost from their past shows up at the horror theater festival they're both in, and Nora starts to change. Soon Brendan is remembering things he'd rather forget--including the voice of a certain girl he thought they'd long since vanquished.

It was a chance she couldn't pass up...

When Nora Travers is offered a part in a horror one-act directed by the daughter of a Hollywood bigwig, she knows she can't miss the chance--even if it means competing against her longtime boyfriend and getting back in touch with the mean girl she swore she'd never be again. But the past doesn't want to stay buried, and soon Brendan--her usually smart, adoring boyfriend--can't seem to stop sneaking suspicious looks at her. Or spying on her kissing scenes with her new co-star.

It's making them both wonder: do they have what it takes to make it through another Halloween? 


Scary, Lovesick, Foolish is a sequel to Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish, which is currently free right now on! You should probably read that first as this is another chapter in the same characters story.

Scary, Lovesick, Foolish is the continuation of Nora and Brendan's story. I really enjoyed seeing them fall in love in the first book and enjoyed this extra time spent with them. Sure Nora was a bit...normally I wouldn't like reading characters like she is in this story, but I liked her and Brendan so much I didn't care. She needs to learn to use her words and not act out in not so good ways when she is afraid or worried or anything. I understand why she has her issues, but poor Brendan. I know he can get worried because things seem to be getting rocky and he loves Nora so much so things snowball and everything. Oh these two. I really like reading their story.

Nora and Brendan are finally going to be living in the same town. They have been dating for two years, but first they were in college a few hours apart and then Nora was at a workshop all summer. She has finally returned home, and Brendan couldn't be happier. In fact he wants her to move in to the creepy old house he is renting. I love love love how much these characters love everything scary. Scary movies and decorations and all of it. It is my favorite as well so it is fun!

In this chapter Nora freaks out a bit when things start getting more serious with Brendan. I mean moving in with him? What if he leaves? That will just be horrible if she opens herself up further. Neither of them have a good example of a loving, lasting relationship, and so Nora doesn't deal with things changing. Even if it would be changes for the good, at least right now.

There is also a horror movie festival soon where they both end up competing against each other. Nora as an actor in a daughter of a big wig's one act, and Brendan as the writer of one. With all the tension and not sharing feelings and such they both just focus on the festival and doing their very best. Oh, and Nora has to be a mean girl in her scene, just like she was back in middle school when she was so terrible to Brendan. It is scary to him seeing her acting like she used to. Can they get past all of the unspoken fear and things from the past that come back to haunt them? Will they make it through this festival and still be a couple?

Overall this was a fun, quick read. I love the horror elements, the scary things that both characters love. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to read more!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★