Getting in the Spirit (Sapphire Falls #3.5) by Erin Nicholas

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It’s Christmas time in Sapphire Falls!

At least one good thing has come from Levi Spencer's car accident-- it seems to have knocked some sense into him. He's ready to leave his wild Vegas playboy ways behind and become a new man. And he knows just the place to do it... his brother Joe's new hometown. He's never spent time in a place described as quaint or idyllic, and now he intends to revel in every charming, sweet thing he can find. Like the homegrown country girl his brother sets him up with for the Christmas formal.

Kate Leggot wants just one great Christmas. After a childhood without Christmas at all and three failed attempts to find the seasonal magic on her own, she agrees to spend the holiday with her friend Phoebe in Sapphire Falls. The Christmas-crazy town is a far cry from San Francisco and Kate quickly finds herself drawn into everything from the snow to the hot cocoa. And, of course, the sweet country boy Phoebe has set her up with for the formal. Looks like she's going to get everything she wanted-- and more-- under the tree this year.

A not-so-little mix-up, a hot kiss under the mistletoe and a candy cane or two later and December in Sapphire Falls has never been so hot.

This is a novella, about half the length of the novels in this series. Read only if you like fun, small town contemporary romances where they talk dirty and act even dirtier.


Getting in the Spirit was a fun holiday read. Levi's was recently in an accident and he now realizes he needs a change from his big city life or he is going to end up killing himself. So he calls up his brother and while talking to him decides to go visit him in Sapphire Falls and stay for a while. A small town will be just what he needs. Plus Joe is going to set him up with a nice, small town girl to go to the holiday festivities with.

Kate has always wanted a great Christmas, but she is constantly disappointed. Her mom didn't celebrate growing up and the last three Christmas' have been...not good. When she calls her friend Phoebe, Joe's wife, she convinces Kate to not give up on Christmas just yet. To come to Sapphire Falls to spend the holidays and she will hook Kate up with a nice, small town guy to spend the holidays with.

Phoebe and Levi don't realize they both set their friends up with someone in town for the same place and time, but when Levi sees Kate he thinks she is his date (and vice versa). Oh it was fun! There is an instant connection there, but they both think the other is from Sapphire Falls. It was really fun seeing how much they like each other and how they don't realize who the other really is for a while. I loved it. And once they do figure it out will they keep having holiday fun together, fun that might turn into something more, or will to go find the people they were meant to be set up with?

This was a really great holiday read. I loved how much Kate loves Christmas and how much she wants the perfect one this year. It was a lot of fun to read and perfect for the holidays.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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