Heal My Broken Heart (Gold Coast Romance #2) by Elle G. Mraz

Heal My Broken Heart
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Kendall Matthews has been a widow less than a year, but she can’t help falling for her colleague and lover, Dr. Anson Allaway. And now he said he loves her. But with so much of his past unknown and her future plans still up in the air, is it the right time to commit to their relationship?

After book one, Love Me Back to Life, book two of the Gold Coast Romance series, Heal My Broken Heart, continues the saga between Kendall and Anson as they sort through their fears and reservations of finding love, letting go of it, and making it last a lifetime. It may not always happen the way they expect it to, but in the end, with the support of their friends and family, they wouldn’t want it any other way. 


*Please note: Heal My Broken Heart is a continuation of Love Me Back to Life. You should have read that book already before reading this one. Also I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Heal My Broken Heart is part two of the story of Kendall and Anson. These two really get to me. I can be just so so on stories where someone is moving on from the loss of a loved one, especially when they are moving on so quickly, but this one is beautifully written. Kendall lost her husband less than a year ago and accidentally found someone she really cares about while she was trying to learn to live again. You saw a lot of her ups and downs trying to let Anson in in the first book, with even more so in this one. She still struggles with the timing of everything. She is not really ready to completely move on with someone else, to get married again, any of that. But she does care greatly for Anson. She wasn't expecting that and she doesn't always know what to do with it. Plus he doesn't make it easy for her in this section of their story. He has his own issues, his own hangups, that lead to problems between the two of them. 

Anson is all in with Kendall. He loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He lost his fiancee years ago and doesn't want to make the same mistakes he made then. Only now that leads to him trying to rush things and not let Kendall adjust and move at a pace that would be okay with her. That and not really talking about his past so it keeps coming up and causing issues again and again. He is always afraid that if she really knows what he was, how he was, what he is still doing, she will leave him. And he is terrified of that. She has breathed new life into him and made him happier than he has been in a long time. He doesn't want to let that go. 

Things are not always sunshine and roses between these two, but when they are it was so sweet. You can see how much they both care for each other, but the timing is not always right. This is one of those just because you love each other doesn't mean you should be together situations. At least not right now. It breaks my heart to think that, but it is true. Sometimes you need a bit of a break, some time to work things out, and then you can hopefully come back together better and stronger and greater than before. They have a lot of outside stressers to deal with, Kendall's mom is not an Anson fan when she finds out some of his secrets, his brother can be kind of a jerk towards their relationship when he is trying to be protective if Anson, Kendall's friends, everyone seems to be a bit hesitant about them. Most of them like them together, think they are great, but worry that she will break his heart in this chapter of their lives. 

Kendall had some things come up that would have been big issues for anyone, let alone someone dealing with everything she has been in the past few months. She is so strong, they both are, but that strength and stubbornness drove me crazy at times. I wanted her to wake up and see how amazing Anson is. How he is perfect for her. How wonderful they are together and it is okay that it hasn't been that long. She could be really hurtful towards Anson when she was upset or trying to push him away and you get to see him push back a bit more. You get to see him hurt and not just trying to please Kendall. He does have his own demons and needs to figure out how to not try and make her move at lightning speed, but they are really great together. This book again doesn't end in a cliffhanger, but it does make me want to read more. I need to see how everything ends up with the way things were left. Kendall is too stubborn for her own good and I hope she can ease up a little bit. She's going to need to with everything that is coming. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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