Seaside Surprises: A Sweet Romance (Seaside Hunters #1) by Stacy Claflin

Seaside Surprises: A Sweet Romance (The Seaside Hunters Book 1)


Tiffany Saunders is on the run. When she winds up stranded in a seaside town, she wants nothing more than to forget her horrific past and kept moving. But a chance meeting with a handsome local changes everything. 

Jake Hunter has some deep emotional scars and is trying to cope with running the family business. The last thing he wants is a relationship—until a mysterious brunette walks into his store and complicates it all. 

Tiffany prefers to keep the painful memories of the past where they belong—in her rear view mirror. But dark secrets cannot stay hidden forever. Just as the walls around Tiffany’s heart start to come down, the past catches up with her. Will true love be able to conquer all?


Unfortunately I didn't enjoy Seaside Surprise as much as I had hoped I would. My main issue from the beginning is I kept thinking how this is kind of like Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven book, which I really enjoyed. This story had a lot of similarities, but it just wasn't as good. Even if I hadn't read Sparks' story first I don't think I would have really enjoyed Seaside Surprise.

Tiffany is running away from an abusive husband. He is mentally/emotionally abusive and was just starting to get physical. She has the help of her grandfather to give her money and support to start over somewhere new. She is upset with herself for staying with her husband for so long and is also kind of skittish around other people. Until she meets Jake. She keeps thinking how she shouldn't be involved with anyone else right now, but then she instantly feels safe with Jake. Plus he is just so cute! How could she not want to be with him. Part of the main issue I had with the story was that the character didn't seem realistic to me. If she was so broken by her abusive husband it would take more than a day for her to be pretty much fine again and comfortable with other people. I just didn't really see her as skittish and hesitant like she was supposed to be as the writing didn't make her come off that way, except in the rare instances where she would shy away from someone or something. It just didn't work for me.

Jake has his own issues. He never thought he would get married. He just lost his sister whom he was very close to her. He was the one taking care of her as she died. He hasn't really had time to deal with her death since he has been working open to close at his parents story. He is finally getting to the point where he needs help or he is just going to not stay open the hours they normally are. He is just burned out and needs a break. And then he meets Tiffany and is almost instantly in love with her. He will protect her forever. Yey.

The story is just not written as well as I would have liked. Tiffany and Jake weren't really believable to me. Well I could believe that there would be someone like Jake who would be super supportive of someone like Tiffany, but everything else just didn't work for me. There was one scene where afterwards they think how amazing it is to be with the other, how they both shared so much and have grown closer, only they didn't really share much with each other. It wasn't like a long detailed conversation to really get to know the other person. Tiffany was just said I was married and he was horrible to me. That is about all. What more do you need? Maybe some thoughts and feelings and stuff to actually have that connection grow and be a stronger connection? Anything? It just didn't work. I didn't see them actually being in love. Oh well, this is not the book for me. 

Rating: ★★

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