Almost Summer (Fool's Gold #6.2) by Susan Mallery

Almost Summer (Fool's Gold series)


Ever since she was young, Paige McLean has longed to see the world. Still, she never imagined the world would land on her doorstep in the form of a charming British surgeon who needs a place to stay when his plans fall through.

After a devastating loss, Alistair Woodbury has vowed to live his life alone. But in all his travels, he hasn't encountered a town as welcoming as Fool's Gold, nor a woman as caring - or as beautiful - as Paige. Her compassion warms him almost as much as their stolen kisses.

When it's Alistair's time to leave, will his brief visit turn into a lifetime stay?

A Fool's Gold series novella.


Almost Summer falls into the novella trap. The everything is going great, I am loving the book, then suddenly everything happens and it is just over way too quickly. That is the novella trap. Wrapping things up when it feels like it is just to keep it a novella instead of turning into a novel. When it feels like the story is just quickly finished so it will be over instead of telling the whole story.

The story started and I was loving it! Paige was so much fun. Witty and cute and I just really enjoyed her. She is just so much fun! When she runs into Alistair needing a place to stay she offers up her place to him. After all she has the room and she is just a great person. Of course she is attracted to him, but she is trying to not get attached since he is only here for a little bit. She has always wanted to see the world so hearing some of his travel stories is great for her.

Alistair shows up in Fool's Gold and ends up needing a place to stay. He ends up staying with Paige and he likes her right away. He is a widower and has just been traveling forever. He never really thought he would settle down again, but there is just something about Paige. He can keep up with her and their witty joking around was amazing!

So what was the problem? Well everything was going great, I was loving both of them, but then suddenly they were both in love and were going to be together forever. It was just way too quick. Like two pages and everything is perfect yey. If it would have been developed and a full length book I would have loved it as the back and forth between them was so much fun! Oh well, another just so so novella because it was too quickly wrapped up.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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