Perfect Kiss (Hope Falls #9) by Melanie Shawn

Perfect Kiss (Hope Falls Book 9)


For him, everything had fallen into place... 

Levi Dorsey didn't want much and never complained. The private, sexy bar owner was content in his life and excited to move forward with his new business project. There was just one problem--he'd never been able to forget about that kiss...or about her. 

For her, everything had fallen apart... 

Shelby Kellan was once confident in knowing who she was and what she wanted. But recent events caused the gorgeous, blue-eyed beauty to barely recognize the woman she saw when she looked in the mirror. She knew she needed a fresh start. Could she do it with his kiss still lingering on her lips? 

Eighteen months ago, Levi and Shelby shared the perfect kiss. Now, he wanted more, but would she be able to give that to him after already losing so much? 

**Author's Note: Each Hope Falls full-length novel can be read as a stand-alone**


Perfect Kiss was a nice read. Levi is so sweet and just perfect for Shelby. Another great read by Melanie Shawn.

Levi first met Shelby at a friends wedding over a year ago. They danced the night away and shared one amazing kiss, but then she ran and he has not seen or heard from her since. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her though. He knows that is a little crazy since it was just one kiss, but it was the perfect kiss.

Shelby got scared when she shared the perfect kiss with Levi and ran away from what they had. She has now just gotten out of an abusive relationship and is pretty broken. She doesn't even recognize herself anymore and is angry with herself for staying with her ex for so long. She comes to Hope Falls to help her sister take care of her new babies, and to try and find herself again.

When Shelby ends up working with Levi at his bar there is obviously still something there. She is still afraid of the connection, and Levi knows there is something that has changed about Shelby in these past months since he saw her. She is not her carefree, fun self anymore. No matter how much he wants to be with her, no matter how hard it is to not try to start something between them again, Levi is determined to giver her time and space to heal. He knows she is not ready for a relationship and he was such a sweetheart! I loved him so much. Shelby thinks at times that she might just want to hook up with him, but he doesn't let her do something she would later regret. He wants more than a one night stand. He was amazing and only looking out for her wellbeing. He was a great friend to Shelby and was just there for her so she can find herself again.

By the time you get to the happily ever after it was just perfect. I loved Levi and his patience paid off. Shelby was able to grow and change and find just what she was looking for. A great read. A sweet read. I also loved how the abusive ex situation was handled. Not what I was expecting which was nice. Overall just a great read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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