Redemption (Alexa Montgomery #4) by H.D. Gordon

Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga Book 4)


The final test is here. The war is no longer a worry of tomorrow, but a reality of today. Turning back is no longer an option. Maybe it never was. It is time for Alexa Montgomery to look fate in the eyes. Death waits there for certain. The only question is... for who?


Redemption is the final chapter in the Alexa Montgomery series and I must say it was a bit of a let down for me. I don't understand why some things didn't happen while others did. It really made no sense to me at times, and the ending just annoyed me. Some spoilers ahead so if you don't want to know how this all goes down in the end don't continue reading!!

This final chapter starts out with Nelly and Alexa both in the safe haven for anyone who doesn't want to do harm to others. Only the people there find out what Nelly really is and so then they don't trust her anymore. It almost caused a riot, which would have destroyed the protection on the town. I get the mistrust at first, and understand things are a little tense for Alexa since not everyone is happy with her sister. However Nelly can take care of herself. Alexa still sees her as the weak little sister she has to look after when really she can hold her own. I don't know why Nelly never speaks up and lets Alexa know just how powerful she is. Alexa is making plans to kill the king, but she doesn't want Nelly to be anywhere near there. She wouldn't be able handle it is Nelly died. Okay, fine, but why does she have to be in the middle of the fighting? Her mind control thing works at a distance so why can she not just come along and hide outside, but still help out? Apparently no one thinks about this so...Nelly gets sent into hiding. Alexa tricks her into thinking she will come back before she goes to kill the king, and it just didn't make total sense to me. Alexa started acting really not like herself in this book. I know she has been conditioned to always keep Nelly safe, but can't she see she could be useful? Think of all the people she could save in the battle. Argh it didn't make any sense to me some of the irrational things Alexa did and how everyone else who knew just went along with them.

There is also this sorceress who comes to try and kill Nelly and Alexa for killing her brother. Only they didn't, the kind did. I am not sure why she was added to the story. She didn't really do anything, she wasn't an ally. She just came, realized her mistake, said she would kill the king, then nothing happened with her after that. Such a let down. I'm not really sure why her storyline was added since it didn't really add anything to the story.

So with Nelly hidden away safe and sound Alexa and everyone else who wants to help go to kill the king. Nelly wants to get out and help with the battle, but she is stuck where she is. She is finally shown what would happen if both she and Alexa were to live so you get the entire battle scenes, everything that happens with both sisters, then jolted back to oh that was just a vision. So then you get to see it all again. Slightly different, but not enough to warrant reading it twice in a row. I didn't quite understand why it was written that way. I would have much preferred to only read the battle once unless it was completely different the second time around.

So again I don't know why Nelly wasn't included in the plans to begin with. She shows up and just controls everyone to stop fighting. She could have saved so many people if she were there. Yes, Alexa is worried about her because of the prophecy, but she doesn't have to be right in the thick of it. There was no reason for Alexa and Kayden to die. They didn't need to in this situation. I don't mind so much that they did, but how it all went down. If they needed to die fine, have them die, but do it in a way that there was no other option. Do it in a way that makes sense. In a way that shows it was inevitable. As it was I just didn't understand why Nelly wasn't there. She was so strong and powerful in the last book and I loved that. It was just wasted in this one. All of those people didn't have to die. I guess the whole thing, how Alexa made her decisions and everything, just didn't feel true to character for her so I didn't like it. I know she would try to keep Nelly safe, but as it was written I didn't feel she was acting like she actually would have. Or the other characters would have tried to make her see more clearly or something. Maybe I am just disappointed in Nelly since I loved her in the last book. Maybe some slight changes would have made it better, but still have the same outcome. I don't know. I might be the only one who feels this way though as a lot of people seemed to love this last book.

Rating: ★★

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