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Matt Quinn has been an escort for most of his adult life. He's so good at his job that he's booked months in advance.

An enquiring email from a potential client finds him intrigued about the shy, awkward woman. A back and forth is started and before Quinn knows it, a friendship is formed.

Time passes and Quinn is smitten.

There's only one problem...

The client is his best friends little sister.

She's off limits.

He knows better.

Staying away from one another is easier said than done.


About Last Night was a fun read. Mia and Quinn were so cute together and I really enjoyed their story.

Quinn is an escort. He has been doing this job forever and he enjoys it. I don't know that I have read a book before with a male escort, but it is the kind of thing I would just be eh about. However since this was Belle Aurora I thought I would give it a try and I am so glad I did. Quinn is just a good person. I was surprised by how much I liked him. I was expecting him to be more cocky or something, more like I am all that, but he really wasn't. He just seemed like a normal guy who happens to have sex for money. He seemed like someone I would be friends with which was great. Man some of these scenes where you get to see him at work....They were so hot! I see why he is popular.

Mia is an awkward, shy twenty six year old with not much experience in bed. She plans to remedy this by hiring Quinn, her brothers best friend. She was so much fun. I loved how awkward she could be, how shy, but how outgoing and funny at the same time. Some of the things she comes up with and says were just so great. Once she opens up and gets comfortable she is amazing. I loved the back and forth between her and Quinn. I loved how they got to know each other and became friends. It was just really sweet and fun at the same time.

Of course there are going to be some issues since Quinn is Mia's brothers best friend. I loved watching it all unfold and play itself out. Quinn and Mia are just so great together. They both are supportive of the other no mater what they do. Mia never judges Quinn for being an escort. She knows what she is getting herself into and it is what it is. I loved her so much. And Quinn? He is just as great. You can tell he really cares for her. They were great together.

Even though I did love this story, there were a few minor things I found that I didn't like as much. One was some of the small moments when something would happen didn't feel real. Like in the beginning I didn't get why Quinn was instantly drawn to Mia. It was just a moment, just a few sentences, but it didn't make sense. Or when one of them realized they loved the other. The exact moment it happened didn't feel real to me, but if I just went with it right afterwards everything was good. I am not sure what exactly it was that was off for me, but it just needed tweaking slightly and it would have been like oh sure, of course they love the other or whatever. As I said they were just a few moments, a few sentences that just felt off, but then went right back to amazing. Right after the moment passed it was fun and great again.

There was one other thing that was odd to me. You get a chapter later in the book from someone else's point of view (I don't want to spoil anything, but not the last one -that one made sense and worked) and it just...I am not sure why it was included. The author seemed to want to put in another story, but for me up until that point it was just in the background and I didn't really care that much about those characters. I think it would have been better to just have the narrator to just tell Mia the next day what happened or something like that instead of having a chapter from their point of view. It was just confusing to me why it was included since I wasn't that invested in that storyline (I didn't realize I should be as it was just in the background).

So those were my two minor issues, but please don't think you shouldn't read this book. You should, you really should. It was amazing. I didn't think I would love the escort aspect, but it was written perfectly. Mia and Quinn were great together and I did really enjoy reading this. So definitely check it out especially if you are a fan of this author.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

About the Author:

Belle Aurora is twenty seven years old and was born in the land down under. 

At an early age she fell in love with reading. Boredom one summer had her scouring the bookshelves at home. She stumbled across Sandra Brown's Breath of Scandal and fell in love with romance. 

Having been brought up in a loud and boisterous family of Croatian descent, she developed a natural love for dramatics and humor. Only some years ago had she discovered a new love. 

Humorous romance novels. 

Kristen Ashley and R.L. Mathewson had opened a brand new world where she could lose herself yet feel safe and at home in their stories. Belle has been known to become a screeching banshee while anxiously awaiting their newest titles. 

Belle never thought she would write. It had never interested her until recently. Friend-Zoned began to form and in February 2013 Belle typed the words Chapter One. And she fell in love. 

With words. 

With writing. 

With a creative imagination she never knew she harbored. 

Friend-Zoned is the first in the Friend-Zoned series. Keep an eye out for this cheeky author.

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