Treat Her Right (Treats to Tempt You #2) by Serenity Woods

Treat her Right (Treats to Tempt You Book 2)


A friends-to-lovers fun and sexy romance. Maisey Graham’s desperate to devise a new advertising campaign for her confectionery shop, Treats to Tempt You. The youngest of her group of friends, she’s determined to prove she’s not as ditzy and inept as they all seem to think she is. After witnessing her brother’s gorgeous best mate, local GP Joss Heaven, working out at the gym, Maisey has an idea: photographs of sexy guys eating chocolate truffles.

Joss isn’t keen on taking part. He has far too much on his plate with his demanding job and family problems. And the thought of everyone in town staring at pictures of his chocolate-covered crown jewels doesn’t appeal either. Plus, her brother has threatened to kill him if he so much as kisses Maisey. But the crackpot chocolatier is surprisingly persuasive.

Maisey does her best to resist the best-looking guy in the whole of New Zealand. But when the chocolate starts to melt on Joss’s warm body, it seems only polite to offer to lick it off… And that’s where the problems start.

Warning: contains enough laughter and loving to keep you up all night. Chocoholics beware—this story will make you want to lick melted chocolate off the nearest good looking guy.


Treat Her Right is the second book in the Treats to Tempt You series.You briefly met Maisey and Joss in the first book since they are both friends with Tasha and Kole is Maisey's brother. 

Maisey works with her friends in their new confectionary shop, Treats to Temp You. She dresses in bright colors and what people think is child like, but I think she is just a lot of fun. She embraces life and tries to live every day to the fullest. I really liked Maisey. When their shop is having some financial issues she comes up with a great way to get the word out and try to save their place. She is smart and fun and adorable and just a great person.

Joss used to be a lot more fun, but since coming back to town from some time away he has gotten more serious. He is the local doctor and between that and some family issues he has a lot on his plate. He has always kind of liked Maisey, but her brother would kill him if he ever hooked up with her. Only she doesn't care. She wants Joss and she offers him a commitment free good time.

I cannot say enough good things about Maisey. She has some things she struggles with, some dark days, but she doesn't let that keep her down. You get a glimpse of what her family life is like and man her parents are horrible to her! They are so condescending and I just felt bad for her. When things start to get more serious with Joss there starts to be some issues. After all Joss cannot possibly be with Maisey for real. She is just too fun and not serious enough for what he needs.

Man there were some ups and downs, but they do work everything out. I must say **spoiler alerts for infos on some of the stuff that happens are the end and maybe a little angry ranting at some of the characters** by the end I really didn't want her to be with Joss. I did want her to find someone else, someone who would appreciate her for who she is and not heap even more garbage on her. Even her brother is terrible to her! The way everyone looked down on Maisey for how she dressed made me very angry. It was like just because she has a different style, a more fun style, she wears footy pajamas and stuff, she is still a child and needs to grow up. It was just like of course Joss can't be with her, just look at her, she is still a kid and doesn't take anything seriously. When her brother Kole goes off on her when she is upset like of course Joss is not going to stay with you just look at you, I hated him. Her bff Tasha was right there and she didn't even say anything! She kind of did, but no f you Kole she is awesome the way she is like a real friend should. She was just like yeah that was a little harsh, but nothing about how what he said was not true. And Joss? He does the same thing!! Of course he can't actually be with her. She needs to grow up. It made me very very angry. I hated them all because of how terribly they treated her. And for what? Because she likes to have fun. Because she lives her life to the fullest. Because her style is not what they consider appropriate for an adult. Well too bad. She is living, working, supporting herself, helping to save their confectionary shop, and no one gives her credit for anything! Without her the shop could have gone under. It was her idea that saved it, her hard work, she did it! She is grown up and I wish she could have said f you all I will go find new friends who are not such judgmental jerks. She is an adult, she reminds me of myself, and she deserves better than these people in her life. Oh well, I guess she gets her happily ever after, but I really didn't like Joss even after he comes to his senses and sees how amazing she is, bright colors and all. I guess if she is happy that is fine, but I want better for her. Oh well. It was still a good read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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